Blood & Water – Season 4 Episode 3 “Bad Decisions” Recap & Review

Bad Decisions

Episode 3 of Blood & Water Season 4 begins with Siya and Thandeka arriving home. Turns out, Puleng was shot but it was just paintball. Later, PoolBoy calls Puleng and warns her to focus on Gregory. Chris asks KB and Wendy for a chance as he can fix the money issue with Ruff Beats. However, he cannot get any money from his parents.

As for Fikile, she finds Gregory, a former Parkhurst student. They know PoolBoy and did something that could land them in prison. She wants to come clean but he warns her. Back home, she keeps trying to deter Puleng from looking into Gregory. Her new idea is to tell Thandeka about the sex tape so PoolBoy loses his leverage. Ivan doesn’t think it is a good idea but Puleng agrees.

Tahira and Co. decide to break into the office safe and get the exam papers on the day of the swim gala. Wade apologises but Asanda isn’t mad, she just wants to hang out with him. She suggests he come over to her place and he is over the moon.

Wendy is stressed and Lunga wants to come clean but Chris interrupts. Wendy’s marks are dropping but she doesn’t want to be like Pauline and Zayd, letting Chris know that they cheat. 

Puleng tells Thandeka. She is disappointed in her and Fiks feels guilty. Later, Fiks talks to Malta about Gregory as he had taken care of the incident. He tells her she can go to jail if she comes clean.

Chris and KB video call Reece and in the back, she sees Pauline doing a deal with Tahira. She thinks it is drugs as Tahira is failing, but Chris realises something is up. Puleng ignores PoolBoy and tells him she won’t do his dirty work. She talks to Sam who tells her about Greg. 

It is the Swim Gala. Brian is still worried but he is supportive of Fiks. Puleng asks her about Gregory and how they can find him but Fiks tells her to back off.

Asanda is not happy that her mom has arrived as she is ruthless. Tahira and Co. start their mission which Chris notices. He gets KB and follows them right into the safe. He offers to join them but the printer stops working. 

Puleng asks for Wade’s help in getting old yearbooks. He refuses and she leaves alone. Fiks sees her and gets flashbacks to something. She stops and her parents crowd her, each giving their 2 cents on what to do. Meanwhile, Asanda wins.

Wade gives in and helps Puleng. They find a drowning incident report involving 5 people including Gregory and a Damian while the other’s names are redacted.

To buy more time, Zayd pulls the fire alarm. Everything goes smoothly but as they leave, Chris doesn’t close the safe. On top of that, the printer suddenly starts working and ejects a copy of the question paper. Zayd goes to check and finds KB and Chris taking photos of other grade exams to sell to others. He joins in on their plan.

Thandeka stops giving Puleng the silent treatment and Puleng promises to do better. As for Wade, he goes to Asanda’s place. They have fun but she accidentally breaks his nose. He feels awkward because he is inexperienced and she confesses that so is she.

Fiks wants to talk to Puleng but she meets up with Ivan. Sam wants her to open up but she lashes out at him. He apologises and leaves. At that moment, PoolBoy calls Fiks and tells her to enjoy jail time as Puleng knows the truth now. 

Ivan is swimming and Puleng gets flashbacks of her trying to escape from the Molapos. But he helps her calm down and they hook up. At the end of Blood & Water Season 4 Episode 3, Fiks logs into Puleng’s iCloud and steals the sex tape. She then uploads it to the school’s website saying she needs more time.

The Episode Review

How much do you want to bet that PoolBoy is Damian? We see his photo in the file and also his silhouette when he last calls Fiks, it is the same. Bet Gregory did something to him and Fiks helped cover it up. Something bad that had Fiks betraying her own sister. Damn, that was cold. 

As for the subplots, the writers are finally connecting Tahira’s storyline with Chris’ and it all makes sense in Blood & Water Season 4 Episode 3. You can literally see from the moment the idea starts forming in Chris’ head about cheating. But it isn’t really a smart one, is it? He could have just blackmailed the group for money instead of joining them. They are so going to get caught if even one person snitches or if someone notices the printed question paper.

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