Blood Sisters Season 1 Ending Explained – Do Sarah and Kemi survive?

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Do the sisters survive Dr Adeboye?

Episode 4 of Blood Sisters begins with Uncle B on the hunt for the girls. As he closes in on their location, Kenny arrives at the blacked out house that Dr. Adeboye is keeping the girls captive in. Unfortunately, he has his throat slit for his troubles, and collapses on the ground holding his neck.

This distraction is enough for Kemi to smack the doctor upside the head and knock him out. She scoops up Sarah, who’s still knocked out on the surgical table, and takes off. It’s just in time too, as Uncle B arrives just after. He believes the girls are heading off to Kemi’s grandmother’s place, and he informs the police to chase after them.

For now, they hold out in Kenny’s car and try to shake off their injuries. Kemi is in a bad state. When Sarah awakens, she learns the truth about Adeboye being an organ harvester… and about Kenny’s death.

Does Akin find any evidence to use against Kola?

Kemi has lost a lot of blood and Sarah scrambles to try and find safety for her. She arrives at a local village looking for the chief and in desperate need of help. They can’t stay the whole night though and after a little bit of treatment, are eventually forced to flee once more.

While this is going on, Akin continues to do his rounds and trying to find the truth surrounding Kola’s abuse. Akin speaks to Princess, of his exs, who shows off her mangled eye covered with an eyepatch. Her eye was destroyed thanks to Kola.

Princess also confirms that Kola used to draw his victims. Akin finds the sketchbook too, including all the different victims… and one of Kemi. Akin phones Kemi and apologizes, telling her he believes her.

Another person closing in on the truth, while the paid-off Inspector General focuses exclusively on Sarah and Kemi, is Joe. He visits various different contacts, including Timeyin at the rehab facility, who pleads with him for help. That night though, Timeyin escapes the facility she’s being kept in and runs away.

Is Joe kicked off the case?

With everything closing in around them, Femi and his wife Yinka have Blade killed before Joe can get to them. Joe notices his dead body and immediately heads over and confront Femi in the middle of the night.

Yinka phones the IG and informs him what Joe is doing. Joe calls out the corruption but is unfortunately kicked off the case as a result. That’s too bad, because he meets with Akin shortly after, who shows the sketchbook he’s found with the abuse victims. The thing is, there’s not much Joe can do right now.

What secrets do the Ademola family hold?

Timeyin shows up back home and calls out Femi for what he’s done, including how he had Kola killed. When his mother finds out, she’s shocked and calls him a monster. Femi explains his actions though, pointing out that he always felt inadequate to his brother, whom he believes was honored over him.

Even though Femi came first, he was blinded by jealousy over the affection his family had for Kola. So naturally, he hired Blade to have him killed. Femi’s mother throws a plate at him in disgust and forces Femi out the house. She also defiantly tells Timeyin that she’s not handing the business over to her; this revelation changes nothing.

Kemi awakens at her grandmother’s place, alive and with Sarah there too. Unfortunately their happy reunion is short-lived when Uncle B appears and has them both arrested. Kola’s mother learns what’s going on and decides to show up at the abandoned Ademola Pharmaceuticals warehouse that night, where the girls are being taken.

What happens at the abandoned warehouse?

Timeyin tags along for the ride and listens as their mother decides that Femi will need to kill the girls in order to prove his place at the head of the family.

So the stand-off begins, with Timeyin taking the gun for herself. She shoots Uncle B in cold blood and then turns the gun on her mother. It turns out Timeyin’s father was cheating on her mother in the past. When she founds out Kola wasn’t actually her son, she had him (Kola’s father) killed.

Timeyin frees Sarah and Kemi, urging them to run. As they escape the facility, they find a car approaching driven by Detective Joe. Together, they show themselves to him and allow them to be taken in.

How does Blood Sisters Season 1 end?

Two gunshots from inside the building send Joe in with a gun of his own. It would appear that Timeyin has shot dead Yinka and Femi, given they’re both motionless on the floor.

Timeyin holds a gun up to her mother’s head but just before she fires, Timeyin utters that “it’s done” and we fade to black.

The Episode Review

Blood Sisters bows out with an enjoyable final episode, albeit one that continues to ham up the melodrama and portray these distracting camera work.

There’s certainly a lot left unresolved here though, namely that involving the investigation into the girls, how Joe is going to keep them safe, and whether Timeyin will kill her mother or not. However, it’s fair to say that Femi and Yinka are probably dead, especially given the way there were two gunshots and both are lying on the ground motionless.

The series has done well to add deeper themes around abuse and the power imbalance of different relationships. The series essentially started with a wedding and ended with a funeral, which is a nicely poetic touch, although Detective Joe is one of the most stereotypical noir detectives I’ve seen in a long while – complete with straw hat and stick in the mouth.

The ending does shed some light on this family and their issues though, which works really well to frame everything and understand how messed up this family dynamic really is. The ending certainly leaves enough on the table for a potential follow-up too!


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