Bloodride – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Old School” Recap & Review

The Spawns

The Old School shows us a woman, Sanna, sitting in the bus while reading a book with drops of blood on it before we see her walking to Asak school, which has just been reopened after 40 years. After teaching the young children a song, she meets her colleague Trine in the hallway, who envies her enthusiasm. She then sees the strange maintenance worker before hearing a child crying in the basement, but doesn’t see anyone there when she walks down there.

She heads to the boarding house where she is staying and sees the owner, Agda, meditating. She asks Sanna about the school, especially given it was closed for 40 years, and goes on to ask if she has felt anything strange. Sanna is unsure at first but mentions the voices she heard, which doesn’t surprise the woman.

The next day, Sanna heads to school and speaks to Trine about how odd the old maintenance worker is acting. Trine mentions that there used to be an old worker called Jager who worked at the school but she believes that he may be dead. After class ends, Sanna hears the child’s voice again before seeing a chalk writing by itself on the board the words “help us”.

She returns home but can’t find Agda anywhere. She then hears footsteps coming up the stairs so she quickly hides in her room. Sanna decides to come out and as she finally sees Agda, she mentions what she just heard. The woman tells her it must have been the father of one of her guests, Johnny. After Sanna mentions what she heard in the school, Agda explains that when people die, sometimes their souls are stuck and need help getting to the other side.

The next day, Sanna asks Trine if she has ever heard of any kids dying at the school. Trine mentions some disappearing a while back which prompts Sanna to start looking around and finding a picture on the wall with some of the past children. The director explains that four siblings disappeared back then after their mother died and were left to look after themselves for a year. After he leaves, Sanna sees 4 shadows of the children telling her that the bad man took them and to look at the picture.

She decides to visit an old cabin in the woods which belonged to the Stolen family. As she starts looking through the abandoned place, she is startled by Jager who tells her the family was crazy then chases her away. She returns to the boarding house to relay what she saw to Agda. They then both come to the conclusion that Jager may be responsible for their death. Suddenly, they find a piece of paper stuck in the frame of the picture, which shows an incantation to help spirits pass to the other side.

Believing the children put the piece of paper there, Sanna and Agda head to the basement of the school. They find the remains of the children buried in the ground and start the incantation. Suddenly, the lights flicker off and the children appear, thanking Sanna. However, Jager arrives and he reveals that the children were actually spawns of Satan who did unspeakable things to his son. Scared after what he just told them, Sanna turns around and is shocked to see that the children now have evil faces and as they show their jagged teeth, they rush towards them to kill Sanna and Trine.

The Old School is probably the creepiest episode of Bloodride as it manages to infuse enough suspense and tense moments which had me feeling more and more uneasy as the minutes ticked along. While it seems like the usual ghost story at first, this chapter becomes very sinister indeed as it reaches its climactic twist.

It may not be the most shocking episode of the lot and doesn’t have as much meaning as the rest of the series, however taking the supernatural approach it gives us 28 minutes of decent horror. So far the series has offered a variety of different horror, which makes this well worth watching and an easy show to binge, thanks to its short episode length.

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