Blood of Zeus Season 2: Netflix offer tantalizing first-look and release date

Blood of Zeus Season 2

When it comes to world-building, Blood Of Zeus takes the foundational work of mythology and distorts it slightly to produce something both instantly recognizable and wholly original too.

There’s some distinct changes to certain characters but the main concepts remain the same. The delicious political drama with the Gods consumes much of the story, essentially acting as the catalyst to what comes to pass across the season.

This series has been quite the rollercoaster ride and given its intriguing premise, it was way too good to be a one-hit wonder. News of Blood of Zeus’ renewal came way back in 2020, where Netflix renewed the show for seasons 2 and 3.

What is Blood of Zeus about?

The first couple of episodes serve as expository-heavy introductions to this world. In this alt-history, a demonic army has risen and it’s up to ¬†Alexia and her armies to thwart their threat. It soon becomes clear though that young Heron can more than hold his own in this fight, especially when a demon rocks up in town.

Predictably, Heron finds himself thrust into an epic fight between both sides that eventually sees the Gods interfere. Toward the end, all hell breaks loose as fantasy clashes with the supernatural, culminating in a couple of action-packed episodes to see this finale off.

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What can we expect from Blood of Zeus season 2?

It’s fair to assume that Blood of Zeus is going to be a massive hit when it drops on Netflix. The first season managed to hit the top 10 on numerous lists around the globe on Netflix, and in under a week it shot up the charts.

The official synopsis for season 2, as released by Netflix, reads as follows:

Heron reflects on the war for Olympus and his battle with Seraphim, and channels his new demigod powers. The second season of the Blood of Zeus is coming soon, only on Netflix!

It’s fair to assume that we’re going to get lots more drama, and during Netflix’s Geeked Weekend, we also got our first look at the season too, which you can find below:

When will season 2 release?

According to Netflix, we do know that Blood of Zeus season 2 will release sometime in 2024. At a guess, we’d imagine it’ll probably be sometime around March-April and the season will drop in one hit too.

Expect plenty of action and drama, with lots more Greek mythology woven into the foundation of this one too.

Are you excited to watch Blood of Zeus season 2? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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