Blood of Zeus – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Three Trials

Episode 8 of Blood of Zeus Season 2 begins with the gods being infected by Demeter’s poison. Apollo thinks that it is Hera’s doing while Ares thinks someone is messing with him. Persephone figures it is her mother and confronts her. Demeter claims it is all Hades’ idea (which is untrue) but Athena overhears.

What happens to Seraphim in the Hidden Realm?

Seraphim enters the Hidden Realm and has to face 3 trials. Gaia intercepts him but since he is trying to save an innocent, she gives him a chance to pick any moment from his past and change it. He can run away with Gorgo like he said he would or even go further back and kill his uncle before he is abandoned.

But he realises it is the first trial as a ruler of heaven is wise enough to know that the past cannot be changed. She disappears and a dragon attacks him. He kills it and passes the first challenge.

Inside, Seraphim faces off against the Sphinx. She tells him to open a box and face his greatest fear if he wants to pass. He is cocky as he reveals he has nothing to fear as the Fates have taken away everything he loved. He opens the box to find it empty and the Sphinx lets him pass. But it is a trick as his fear is failing his loved ones. For his lie, she traps him in a maze. Hades tells him to hurry as he has company.

Does Heron make it through the trials?

Heron, Alexia and Kofi reach the Hidden Realm’s entrance and face the Kouretes, the guards who stand down on seeing that Heron has Zeus’ ring. He asks if anyone has entered and Seraphim’s trick works as the guards share that Nobody has entered. But Kofi sees Seraphim’s footsteps.

Heron tries to pass but the guards reveal only giants and Zeus can pass. He tries to enter by force but finds a lock in the shape of his ring. He fits the ring and the door opens for him. He rushes to the Sphinx who asks him the same question and he claims his worst fear is not dying well.

He opens the box and sees that along with that fear, his fear is that him succumbing to his anger and throwing the sword is the catalyst of – his mother dying, the giants attacking and Zeus dying. Had he kept the sword and killed Seraphim when he first invaded his village, none of it would have probably happened. But the Sphinx lets him pass through the maze. While Seraphim is stuck, Heron cuts through the maze with the sword directly to the eagle with the Eleusinian Stone.

Gaia arrives and says while she has faith in him, the biggest trial is him forgiving himself. But if he cannot, the prophesied one to save everyone just may end up being Seraphim and it cuts to him arriving as well.

Seraphim says he needs to save Gorgo and attacks the eagle. Heron tries to stop him but it just injures the eagle who crashes outside the Realm. 

Who gets the Eleusinian Stone?

The illegitimate children of Zeus fare worse from the poison but Athena figures that it is Demeter trying to frame Hera as she spots a suspicious sapling in their pantheon. The gods hold Persephone hostage and arrive at the entrance of the Hidden Realm. At the same time, Ares and his cohorts arrive while Hades and Demeter show up to help Seraphim.

On seeing the Stone outside, all 3 groups get ready to attack. Hera arrives and tries to stop them but they don’t listen. It is chaos as the stone keeps passing hands. At one point Heron saves Seraphim and then Seraphim returns the favour. Finally, Heron gets his hands on the Stone and goes berserk.

Why does Gaia unleash the beast?

A possessed Heron spots Hera and Seraphim tells him to avenge their mother. Heron also thinks that Hera is the one who cut his string of Fate. But he suddenly remembers Gaia’s words and forgives her. In the spirit of making up, Hades gives Seraphim the water of Lethe for Gorgo. But when Heron tells him it is time to go back to the Underworld, he changes his mind and stabs him to death. 

Hades grabs the Eleusinian Stone for Persephone but a furious Gaia unleashes her wrath. With Zeus, Hera and Hades constantly causing chaos, she declares that the reign of gods is over and it is time for the titans to return. She speaks the beast’s name – Typhon and he is unleashed from the Stone at the end of Blood of Zeus Season 2 Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Episode 8 dives right into the chaos as the gods find themselves tangled in Demeter’s poison, each suspecting foul play from the other. As for Seraphim and Heron, we get the classic Greek tale as they must face trials which also hold up a mirror to their strengths and weaknesses.

Like the previous season, Season 2’s finale gives us the great big showdown with all the characters entering the fray including Gaia. But this time, we get more questions than answers. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long before the next season arrives. But who cut Heron’s string of Fate? And what’s going to happen to Hades and Persephone now? She didn’t look too happy when he backstabbed Heron, huh?

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