Blood of Zeus – Season 2 Episode 1 “A Shadow Emerges” Recap, Review & First Impression

A Shadow Emerges

Season 2 Plot Summary:

Blood of Zeus Season 2 begins with the war on Olympus. While Zeus and the gods are busy fending off Hera, Hades and Persephone plan to steal the all-powerful Eleusinian Stone which will allow them to leave the Underworld. With the giant Gaia coming into the fray, they decide to rope in Seraphim who is part giant. Meanwhile, Heron needs to save Seraphim before another war breaks out. At the same time, he is told that someone has messed with his fate.

Episode Recap:

Season 2 Episode 1 of Blood of Zeus begins with a different point of view of the battle between the giants and the gods that took place in the Season 1 finale. As Zeus fights against Hera, in the Underworld, Hades and Persephone plot to get their hands on the Eleusinian Stone. With it, Persephone won’t be forced to be away from him every 6 months. They can also use the stone’s power to leave the Underworld and rule Olympus.

Hades sends 3 of his Shadows to sneak into Olympus which is empty at the moment. However, at the same time, worried that Hera may get her hands on the Eleusinian Stone, Zeus tells Hestia and Athena to take it and hide it with Gaia.

As the Shadows make their way to the stone, we see the battle from their point of view. They finally make it to the chamber but it is guarded by Gaia’s security. They hide and watch Hestia as she is given entrance. She takes the stone and makes her way out with Athena. Seeing it as their chance, the Shadows attack and chase them. The goddesses are too clever but the Shadows spot the Keres, eaters of the dead. They command the Keres to attack Hestia and take the stone.

While Athena is distracted by Seraphim’s demons, the Keres attack Hestia. They almost get their hands on the stone, but at that moment, Zeus sacrifices himself. Distraught, Hestia explodes and destroys the Keres. She escapes unscathed while Hades is furious at the Shadows. He lashes out at them but they are not utterly useless – they have figured out that Hestia is on her way to Crete.

Meanwhile, Athena finds Heron and tells Hermes to take him back to Olympus. As they head there, she is surprised by the lightning that had answered to Heron. A barely conscious Heron suddenly hears a voice that tells him to find the sword that Zeus had forged for him in Season 1. He asks why, and she tells him that it will help him in the war. It will also help him save Seraphim.

Hestia reaches Crete where Gaia comforts her over Zeus’ death before taking the stone for safekeeping. In the Underworld, Hades is disheartened as he can now never get his hands on the stone as Gaia has most likely put it in the Hidden Realm. Persephone is not deterred and points out that Gaia is a giant, which means Seraphim who is part giant can most likely get past her.

At the end of Blood of Zeus Season 2 Episode 1, Hades heads to the battlefield and provides the payment for Seraphim so he can have passage to the Underworld.

The Episode Review

Blood of Zeus Season 2 is finally here and we get a great start with Season 1 as we are dropped right into the middle of the ongoing war of Olympus. Those who may need a refresher get a quick recap as we get different POVs of the war as well as a fresh new conflict from the most unexpected of places.

While we had Hera beefing with Zeus in Season 1, Season 2 gives us a different couple – Persephone and Hades who are quite different from how the Greek myths have portrayed them. We do wonder what this Eleusinian Stone can do but we are glad that at least we will get more of Seraphim. But who is that voice that speaks to Heron? Is it Gaia?


The Season 1 cast returns with Derek Phillips voicing Heron, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Elias Toufexis as Seraphim, Jason O’Mara as Zeus and Chris Diamantopoulos as Poseidon. As for the new characters, Fred Tatasciore is Hades while Lara Pulver is Persephone.

Will It Do Well?

It will most likely do well as Season 1 was an instant hit when it dropped back in 2020. There is also a renewed interest in Greek myths thanks to the Percy Jackson remake a couple of months ago. While Blood of Zeus Season 2 does have to share the spotlight some other huge juggernauts like Bridgerton Season 3, Baby Reindeer and Queen of Tears, existing fans will definitely tune in for the animated show.

Should You Continue Watching?

If you enjoyed Season 1 or are a new fan who likes Greek myths, definitely keep watching Blood of Zeus Season 2. It works as a standalone show as well with Hades and Persephone, new characters scheming to steal power from Gaia. As for old fans, we get more of Seraphim, a fan-favourite, so that is a win for us!

This is just the first impressions of Blood of Zeus Season 2 and we will not be recapping the rest of the episodes.

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What do you think of Blood of Zeus? Will you be watching it? Let us know in the comments below!

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