Bloodhounds – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Bloodhounds starts with Du-yeong getting a call from President Choi in the middle of the night. He gets out of bed and takes one look at his pregnant wife before rushing outside.

Meanwhile, in the subway, Jun-min spots Gun-woo and recognises him. He sends Jae-myeong to his house to kidnap his mother. Gun-woo and Woo-jin start fighting the thugs with their bare hands while dividing them into two groups. The two are being hit with baseball bats but still manage to overpower the thugs together.

When Woo-jin spots Gun-woo being pinned to a wall and beaten, he goes to save him. Gun-woo also manages to help Woo-jin when he is targeted by the thugs. The two fight passionately, trying to help each other when all of a sudden, Hyeon-jo shows up with her taser. The trio manage to beat all the thugs and flee.

In the meantime, Jae-myeong and his friends enter Gun-woo’s house and his mother, So-yeon wakes up scared. They kidnap her and take her away from the house. Another of President Choi’s men, Yang-jung comes just in time to save the woman and renders Jae-myeong’s friends unconscious. Jae-myeong tries to run away with So-yeon but he manages to catch him and stabs him in the ankle.

Another man goes to the basement to save the two boys. He is shocked to see they have beat up all the goons with their bare hands. President Choi asks So-yeon to call Gun-woo and asks them to come see. They go to Choi’s house and Gun-woo finds So-yeon injured.

The woman is worried for both Woo-jin and Gun-woo. President Choi calls them to the basement and yells at the trio for getting involved in something that could cost them their lives. He warns them to stop intervening in what the adults are doing, pleading with them to stop before someone ends up dead. President Choi then asks the two boys to go away and yells at Hyeon-jo for endangering the lives of Gun-woo, his mother and Woo-jin. He asks Hyeon-jo to send So-yeon to their shelter and deliberates their next move with Yang-jung.

They decide to end this altogether by killing Myeong-gil. President Choi asks Mr Oh, his secretary to look more into Myeong-gil’s business. That night, President Choi opens his vault to access his gun but learns that he was not able to aim well due to the condition of his body after Beom had pushed him off the building.

The next morning, Myeong-gil pays a visit to the hospital Jae-myeong and the rest of the thugs were admitted. Jae-myeong tells Myeong-gil that the man who beat them up had short hair and used a sashimi knife.

Myeong-gil is worried when he leaves the hospital only to see all the thugs outside, getting treated for their injuries. Myeong-gil asks to see Beom for a meeting. Yang-jung owns the sashimi restaurant where President Choi had met Gun-woo for the interview. His sous-chef asks to join him on the hunt for Myeong-gil, but Yang-jung decides he should stay back when he goes on his mission.

Yang-jung meets with an old colleague, Du-yeong, who’s still on good terms with President Choi and discusses how they could put an end to the old man’s troubles.

Meanwhile, Myeong-gil tells the story of President Choi’s business to Jun-min, Jang-do and Beom. He states that President Choi worked with five knifers who were known thugs working for him and killing people like maniacs. He claims that he and Beom had waited for the right time because they’re too powerful when together. Myeong-gil adds that they had managed to kill three out of the five knifers but Yang-jung and Du-yeong are the two that survived. He narrates how they were brutal with their knives and that they often crippled people by slashing their Achilles tendons.

Jun-min tells Myeong-gil about Hyeon-jo claiming that the girl who showed up could be connected to the library. Myeong-gil asks Beom and Jang-do to check the library out claiming that President Choi had a lot of money and at least 50 billion won just in cash. In the meantime, Hyeon-jo takes the two boys to the shelter. She waits outside while the boys check out the room that So-yeon will live in. Du-yeong meets with a man who tells him what Myeong-gil’s men did to Mr Hong despite knowing his reputation as a chaebol.

That night Mr Oh tells President Choi and the two knifers all about Myeong-gil’s team. He claims that Jun-min had multiple records on his name, namely tax and loan frauds. Mr Oh adds that Jang-do used to be a police cadet in training but had to be kicked out due to a sexual assault charge. He adds that the private detectives needed more time to look into the other people they were with.

Du-yeong claims they should take out Jun-min first since they have his address and license plate. He is sceptical when Yang-jung states that they will have to kill the men involved.

Yang-jung says he would take over Myeong-gil but President Choi warns them about the giant – Beom who was the person that pushed him off the building. He asks the knifers to go on the hunt together. They discuss what they should do about the money in the library and President Choi claims that they needed to relocate it. Since they’re short on manpower, Yang-jung asks to have the two boys do it. Du-yeong tells President Choi that they were very skilled and adds that together, Gun-woo and Woo-jin beat up all of the 30 thugs with their bare hands.

That night, So-yeon sets up a meal for Hyeon-jo and the two boys. She is not used to being treated with motherly love and is shocked when So-yeon treats her accordingly. She asks what Hyeon-jo likes to eat and scolds the boys for not saving any of the rolled omelettes for her. So-yeon gets up to make more for her and Hyeon-jo is touched. President Choi texts Hyeon-jo asking her to clear up the money from the library the following morning.

The knifers spend the rest of the day tailing Myeong-gil’s men. Hyeon-jo wakes up early next morning to go to the library as do Gun-woo and Woo-jin. President Choi watches as the trio takes two different cars. They arrive at the library and start looking for trolleys to take the boxes full of cash out to the cars as Hyeon-jo starts taking the cash out of the shelves. She notices someone looking at her and checks the CCTV footage only to notice Beom has entered the basement behind Woo-jin and Gun-woo.

When she runs outside to save them, Jang-do hits her on the head with a baseball bat and tazes her. He handcuffs the woman and takes her away. Meanwhile, Gun-woo tells him who Beom is and the two boxers start fighting the giant. The two try to beat the giant up but he is too strong for them. Gun-woo asks Woo-jin to punch and duck which gives them some advantage over Beom.

After punching him nonstop, they manage to make him weak. When Beom tries to attack Woo-jin, Gun-woo is out of control and punches Beom until he passes out.

Hyeon-jo wakes up while Jang-do is taking her away. She bites him and flees. After untying her feet, she manages to use her baton to beat him up. Hyeon-jo manages to beat Jang-do up with her hands cuffed and frees herself before tying him to a pole with the same cuffs. She runs to check on the boys who are using cable ties on Beom.

As they return to the library with their trolley, they notice that Jang-do has fled. The trio start packing the money up and loading their cars when Hyeon-jo asks to pack up the cash from the safe.

Since the safe also has billions in it, Woo-jin asks Gun-woo to wait in the car while he helps Hyeon-jo. In the meantime, Jang-do calls Myeong-gil telling him that Beom was missing and that he was injured and wanted to go to the ER. Myeong-gil cusses him out asking him to finish the job and get the three kids’ heads to him with all the money.

Gun-woo is in the car and starts getting worried when Hyeon-jo and Woo-jin show up. They get in the car with the money and the gold bars and are about to leave. Just then, three cars full of thugs show up outside the library.

The thugs leave their cars to block the exit. Hyeon-jo asks Woo-jin to call Gun-woo who is in the next car. She asks him to follow her car and leads him to a second exit. Myeong-gil’s men follow the two cars on their own. Gun-woo tells her that he cannot go any faster because his car is weighed down by the cash. She tells him to be on guard for her signal. She lets him speed up and gets behind Gun-woo’s car. Jang-do crashes into Hyeon-jo’s car but she hits him on the curb and drives off.

Hyeon-jo’s car starts acting up as they enter the tunnel. Jang-do gets into one of the two remaining cars and tails Hyeon-jo and the boys. Inside the tunnel, Hyeon-jo fights with the thugs, all whilst still in the car, and manages to turn the thugs over. The men inside the car start screaming as Woo-jin and Hyeon-jo try to run to Gun-woo’s car with the gold bars and the remaining cash as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

I am really enjoying every single scene that Woo-jin on one screen. He is hilarious in everything he does and Lee Sang-yi is to credit for this. Woo-jin and Gun-woo’s chemistry will be one that goes down in the books for K-drama bromances. Hopefully we get to see Lee Sang-yi and Woo Do-hwan cast in more shows together. Seeing Woo-jin shocked upon seeing gold and dollar bills is very relatable because who even leaves so much wealth in one shabby library?!

Hyeon-jo is a skilled fighter and Kim Sae-ron does a good job playing a cold but empathetic young woman. It is ironic to have her do a lot of driving in the show considering how she got into a huge controversy for her DUI accident and was petitioned to be taken out of the series!

The knifers are another great inclusion, especially Du-yeong. They have a vibe about them that will probably call for a lot of thirst-trap reels and TikToks in the days to come. With these two on his back, Myeong-gil better run!

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