Blood Free – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Secret’s Out

Blood Free Episode 8 begins with Hae-deun telling Professor Kim about the support group where the engineer met him. At present, the group straps Hae-deun to a chair and Ja-yu demands an explanation from Chae-woon. They go aside and Chae-woon admits suspecting her of being the terrorist who attacked Lee Mungyu.

Chae-woon says he didn’t know Ja-yu or her dreams back then. Chae-woon says his only goal was to find the person who killed his men. He asks to find Hoe-sung’s killer as a final mission. Ja-yu agrees but fires him.

Meanwhile, On San and Hui strap Hae-deun to a machine that can read some information through her brain waves. They see images of the man who fell on Ja-yu’s car. Then, Ja-yu enters and tells Hae-deun that she’s reported her missing. She plans on keeping her here, alive, till she confesses.

Outside, On San asks about Chae-woon. Ja-yu asks if they can control the chip in his ear and On San says they can use it to create a sharp vibration in his ear. During a meeting with influential people, Seonu Jae incites the others against BF. He says the company isn’t serving people and starts an investigation into the company.

Ja-yu goes to Chae-woon’s house and packs her stuff. She recalls a memory from when she was staying there, with Hoe-sung and Chae-woon talking about Chae-woon’s niece. He describes the little girl’s dairy allergy and how she was bullied. Ja-yu reflects on how young Hoe-sung was as well.

Elsewhere, Chae-woon comes across On San and tells him that Professor Kim met the Engineer only a few times. So the professor was brainwashed quickly.  Regarding the Azoran incident, On San asks how someone would have set up the explosives at a military base so quickly.

Sometime later, On San returns to the lab where Hae-deun is still wearing the headset. He finds Seo Hui bombarding her with more disturbing images to get information. On San makes him stop and tries getting Hae-deun to eat. She reveals she has feelings for him but On San only ever looked at Ja-yu. He asks about the woman whose number is saved on her phone and she says she met the woman at a swimming pool.

Outside, On San comes across Seo Hui and Hui admits he knows Ja-yu and On San suspected him. Even now, Hui says On San judged him for torturing Hae-deun. On San denies it and says he was merely thinking about the woman they found in Hae-deun’s memories. Meanwhile, Hae-deun uses the spoon from her food tray to try and break through her

Ja-yu meanwhile sends a message to her stockholders to buy more stock to retain control of her company. On San calls Ja-yu and advises her to let Hae-deun go. Ja-yu says she could die the way Professor Kim did.

The next morning, Ja-yu makes a call and we see people setting up holographs and screens across the country. In front of everyone, Ja-yu reveals that BF has successfully cultured human organs. She asks terminally ill patients to volunteer for tests. She also admits to the failure in treating their first patient. Ja-yu says she volunteers to be the first patient by replacing all her organs with cultured ones.

Seonu Jae retaliates by saying they won’t allow a company to profit off citizens’ life. Ja-yu’s reveal is a surprise to everyone at BF and On San gets angry and heads out to confront her. On the way, he remembers that the woman from Hae-deun’s memories was at the funeral of the man who fell on Ja-yu’s car.

Ja-yu listens to reactions from citizens on the radio on her way home. Chae-woon is waiting for her and offers to be the proof of her technology instead of her using her own body. She declines but Chae-woon says he’ll go ahead and do it anyway.

Chae-woon then meets Lee Mungyu and they talk about Azoran. Chae-woon reveals his suspicion on Seonu Geun (who could have learnt about the surprise visit from his wife, Mungyu’s daughter) but that ticks the ex-president off. While leaving, Chae-woon hears Mungyu make a phone call. Sometime later, his daughter arrives and Chae-woon stops his car in front of hers.

At the end of Blood Free Episode 8, a flashback shows that Chae-woon’s colleague moved abroad only because Chae-woon was going. And as a result, died during the explosion.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 keeps Blood Free going with high momentum. The plot-heavy episode keeps you engaged although, the multitude of people and places can feel like a lot to take in sometimes. Ja-yu and Seonu Jae have fully gone to war in public now so things are getting intense. Chae-woon is back on track with finding the real terrorist from Azoran as well.

At the same time, the emotional strand of the show has taken a backseat and the speed of the plot makes it disconnected from how the characters are feeling. Particularly for stoic, closed-off characters like Ja-yu and Chae-woon, a glimpse of their internal thoughts and emotions is needed for viewers to be able to relate to them or even root for them.

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