Blood Flower (2023) Ending Explained – How does Iqbal defeat the demon?

Blood Flower Plot Synopsis

Blood Flower is one of the newest international horror films to pop up on Shudder. The film, produced in Malaysia, is a blend of supernatural horror and bloody, disgusting gore that also has a hint of a coming-of-age drama to it. The film follows the lead character, Iqbal, a teenage boy who witnesses his mother die in an exorcism with a demon. He has the power to connect with the dead and predict the future while seeing people die before they actually do.

What is the internal conflict that Iqbal has?

Blood Flower is about trauma that comes from loss, and by the third act, it becomes a film about generational trauma as well. Iqbal is a young man with all these great powers that give him the ability to connect with the dead. Something he has inherited from his mother.

However, he is just a boy who wants to have a normal life with friends and not be bombarded with visions of demonic forces and people from the afterlife. But as the plot moves on, he must face his past traumas and an awful family secret that becomes news to him.

What is the blood flower in the film?

After the passing of Iqbal’s mother, Dina, life has to eventually return to normal. His father, Norman, returns to being a masseuse for the character Jamil. When Jamil learns of this tragedy, he offers Norman a job to look after his mysterious greenhouse. It is here that we get our first glimpse of the Blood Flower, a big plant that we learn has a demonic presence attached to it. There is also a room that Jamil tells Iqbal and Norman not to bother with; it’s just an empty room.

But of course, that’s not how it really works out in a horror film. The empty room in Jamil’s greenhouse almost becomes a gateway for the malevolent force in the film. Eventually Iqbal takes his friends, Ah Boy (Jamil’s daughter), his little sister Ilya, and two other friends, Ali and Bob. The group enters the room and immediately discovers a crack in the wall that has blood all around it. It becomes apparent through jump scares that the group has awakened a demon.

Who gets possessed by the blood flower?

After the demon is discovered in Blood Flower, Iqbal becomes quite restless as he sees Jamil’s family members who have passed on all over the place. We begin to take notice of some holes in Jamil’s life. He has another daughter who went missing years earlier, named Farrah. Her mother, Jamil’s wife, Anna, has never seemed to get over this loss.

As we learn more about this, and after the demon becomes a force amongst the characters in this apartment building, a possession takes place. Ah Boy is possessed by the demon in the greenhouse, and Iqbal and Norman are the only two people who can challenge the demon that has a hold on Ah Boy.

What happens at the end of the Blood Flower?

As we are knee-deep in the third act with Ah Boy being possessed, the film reaches a gripping climax when Ah Boy attacks Norman and stabs him, which then has Iqbal intervene in the confrontation. This leads to him becoming possessed by the demon. It is here that Iqbal, now possessed by the demon, discovers a paper in the greenhouse room that everyone was told to stay away from by Jamil.

Norman confronts the demon that has possessed his son’s body, but the demon taunts him with all the horrors he has had to deal with, specifically the loss of his wife.

Iqbal ends up breaking free from the demon, and what he ends up learning under the spell is that what was actually possessing Ah Boy was her long-lost sister, Farrah, trying to return home to her family.

It is here that we learn a dark twist about Jamil, who has always been a suspicious character since he first came on screen. Jamil’s disturbing past in terms of his family is brought to light. It turns out that he had an ancestral relationship with his daughter, Farrah. He ended up killing her and disposing of her remains against the wall of his greenhouse.

The same wall with the blood-soaked crack in it that the demon was emerging from This revelation leads to Jamil’s downfall and gives Iqbal a reason to want to use his powers for good.


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