Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism | Album Review

Track List

Praise Armageddonism (Awake Theme)
Saturday City
The End is Her
Everything You Love Will Burn
A Questionable Taste in Friends
A Villain’s Monologue
Nuns, Guns & Cowboys
I Just Want That Movie Ending
Burn the Blasphemer
Last Call for Heaven’s Gate


Against the world, Norway band Blood Command search for solace in a pit of despair, and they want the cycle to be broken; that loop of danger. Their music isn’t an elegant stab at rock, it’s more than that – it’s hard-hitting but inspiring in a unconventional way.

Praise Armageddonism is the record of truth, balanced with technical guitar wonder and razor-sharp, insightful lyricism.

Breaking down norms is difficult, and being original is even more complex. Blood Command from the get go has shown that they’re more than a band of musicians, but actually they have so much talent. This talent is in full bloom on their record, and the act does not overcomplicate things, as they know that could derail their music’s significance. Thankfully, they haven’t done so.

The album progressively hits against the grain at times, and it showcases the world in such a way that we should be alarmed. The world can’t take no more, and the weight it’s carrying is colossal. Blood Command describe through their songs the state of this land, and how we’re borrowing time. And the music they have prepared for us only tells the truth.

There are ten songs on this insightful, inventive record. ‘Saturday City’ has grooves and hard percussion, and the vocals come in like a belting train. The backbeat is brilliant here, and the lyrics tell us that the fight could be over.

‘A Villains Monologue’ conquers with an expertly driven bass-line, and the vocals become frantic, offering a contrast. The chorus is a bundle of noise, in a good way. ‘I Just Want The Movie Ending’ doesn’t batter along; it has structure and the riff pulsates. Lyrically, the pessimism rings true, and everything is questioned.

Blood Command does not stray away from telling their stories of discontent. Their record tells the honest truth.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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