Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 9 “Thimble” Recap & Review


Timmy assigns a task for Connie and Hannah to put together a Thimble promo machine for the store. Part 2 of the movie has been released and the company has sent it to the store along with promo candy to advertise the product.

Eliza announces that she is appearing for a job interview for Head of Communications at Round-the-Clock car rental. Timmy is a bit taken aback but hides his disappointment and cheers her on. Money is once again tight after the Special Guy Day bust and Timmy sees all the candy from his store taken away. Since he cannot pay for the candy, he instead uses the promo candy that the company gave him to distribute along with a DVD of the film.

Connie and Hannah get to building the promo display for Thimble 2. Connie takes joy in assembling the display and calls it a “giant puzzle”. She has been doing puzzles for a long time and will complete it even before the day ends. Kayla and Percy have been fighting since the former expressed her intention to live separately on her own. Carlos has applied for a filmmaking fellowship at the community college. Timmy and Eliza have a warm exchange about the interview. Although he says they will miss her at the store, it is an opportunity she should not let go of.

Eliza is nervous about the interview and not having told Aaron about it. Connie is still struggling with the puzzle and finds a weird lurker in the store watching her from afar. When Kayla announces her decision, Connie and Hannah try to dissuade her. It is indeed a huge step, something she might not be ready for. Timmy gives a glowing review of Eliza’s work performance when HR calls him, even though they just called to confirm her place of employment.

Unfortunately, she comes back with the news that she did not get the job. The reason was that she rejected the opportunity when she heard Timmy’s glowing reference about her work.

Timmy feels guilty for having changed Eliza’s mind. He wants her to make a diversification in life and heads to the store to convince them to take her. Carlos too jumps into the debate surrounding Kayla’s decision and it is revealed that they are asking for “pre-deposit fees” from Kayla, something none of the agencies do.

It might be a scam but Kayla is undeterred. Andrea, the owner of the store, informs Timmy that they never offered Eliza the job. In fact, she begged them to take her. She called Blockbuster mean things and said that she would do anything to get out of that hellhole. This breaks Timmy’s heart and he returns to Blockbuster to confront Eliza about it.

The group was right. Kayla gets scammed and Percy offers to let her stay with him for the time being. Connie is now desperately struggling with the puzzle and worried that she will not be able to do it. Timmy almost outs Eliza’s lie but something changes and he changes his tone to make it seem that Eliza intentionally did not go to the other job. She appreciates his gesture despite bashing Blockbuster, she also bashed and insulted Timmy’s feelings.

It seems she might even have feelings for him. Connie finally finishes the display and it seems to be working initially. But soon its tone and voice change and it bursts out with a short circuit. Connie feels devastated that she is losing her touch with solving puzzles but the group comforts her.

The Episode Review

“Thimble” is by far the worst episode in the series. There is no way such a weak storyline was approved consciously by the makers. The writers must have sneaked it in when they were not looking. Nothing about it makes any sense.

It is just bad, bad conceptualization, and worse execution. Connie losing her touch at solving puzzles and the Thimble promo display: how do they even come together in the same sentence? That is a giant puzzle? In what universe? And what was that creepy guy doing hanging around creeping all of them out?

What was the point? How and why does Kayla get to make a pre-deposit for the apartment and despite being shown as the savviest character on the show, how did she not know that it is not real? Couldn’t she have gone on the internet and looked?

The worst one was Timmy and Eliza. What kind of stupid do you have to be to literally molly-coddle and protect a person who called your dream store (that you also call home) a “rotting corpse”? None of Blockbuster’s episode 9 makes sense. This show belongs in a place where no one can access it or even know it exists.

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