Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 8 “Special Guy Day” Recap & Review

Special Guy Day

Timmy finally announces to the group that they are officially “in the black” (which basically means they have turned profitable). He has stored petty cash in his black metal box.

When Hannah walks into his office and says that she hasn’t cashed her checks for the month, Timmy is forced into calling the bank. Hannah saves money by not cashing them weekly, and now Timmy has to use the spare cash to make up the balance. Erin, with whom Aaron cheated on Eliza, walks into the store out of the blue and catches Eliza off guard.

She quickly runs into the break room and Connie follows her in, concerned. Eliza opens up about how she froze despite practicing a million times what she would have said to Erin when she would have met her.

Connie consoles her and says that she agrees with Eliza. Carlos and Hannah once again watch a news flash of an impending solar storm. This might potentially disrupt the internet in the place. Hannah confides that she wasn’t able to apply for community college because of her father. But to get in, she has to give an exam and she cannot brush up on the syllabus for high school in one night. Timmy is leaving for the bank when he hears Eliza crying in the supply room. She is heartbroken and in bad shape. Timmy abandons the idea of going to the bank and instead helps his friend.

He takes her to the bar and tries to get her drunk to make her forget. That is when he tells Eliza about “Special Guy Day”. Connie and Carlos try to help Hannah get into college. They get her practice tests and help her study. The SGD was initiated by Timmy’s mother and she would take him out of school early to cheer him up with it. He gets her new clothes, makes her his favorite drinks, and does all sorts of fun stuff to distract her from Erin. Lena too helps Hannah and it seems like things are looking up for her.

When Hannah emerges from the break room, she confides in Connie and Carlos that she did not do too well. The reason for that is that she is used to studying and taking tests in noisy environments. She cannot study or take the test in complete silence. As Timmy is about to leave for the bank, Eliza says something that pulls him right back in. Things are not working out with Aaron. She wants to show Erin who exactly Eliza is but when she goes to the store with Timmy, Erin has already left. Eliza sits on the floor in disappointment  – and because she is very drunk – and Timmy comforts her.

Hannah does well in the changed conditions. Eliza and Timmy throw the remaining powdered donuts at Aaron’s billboard. The night ends with Eliza expressing her interest in hanging out with Timmy but he leaves her in the cab. Instead, he goes out the back to Lena, who is happy to see him.

The Episode Review

Timmy finally seems to be at ease about the whole Eliza situation. That will give us an opportunity perhaps to see some other colors of him apart from sad and miserable. Despite the kind of warm feeling this episode leaves you with, you still wonder what the deal was about the plot.

Why can’t the writers think of anything logical or reasonable for the story? Why would Timmy use up the final cash reserves that his business depends on to buy drinks and ice cream for Eliza? And why are the reserves a few dollars to be exhausted in one night of drinking?

None of that has made sense yet and will not be the case going forward either. Thankfully the Billboard joke was not built to seem similar to The Office again. Connie, Hannah, and Carlos have immense potential to complement each other well but for this plastic writing.

No serious efforts are put in to make them seem like real characters with feelings and emotions. Blockbuster has unfortunately succumbed to the “sitcom syndrome” and made itself unwatchable.

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