Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 3 “Evan and Trevin” Recap & Review

Evan and Trevin

The child duo from the last episode is actually Evan and Trevin, old nemeses of the neighborhood. They play hurtful pranks with the people in the mall and Percy takes a first-hand experience of it when he discovers a beehive in his store.

The twins are Carol’s grandsons. She is an old business owner and cannot keep vigil over the boys all the time. Timmy is caught astray choosing between revenge on the twins with Percy and focusing on the store for Halloween, the biggest commercial day of the year. Percy reminds Timmy he is two months behind on rent but Timmy says he will make it up to him.

Connie and Kayla discover that Hannah’s mother, who died under mysterious circumstances, might have been a victim of a serial killer. The “Shadow Lake” killer had a liking for women that match Hannah’s description. They decide to investigate further into this possibility. Percy discusses possible ways to exact revenge as Timmy confides to him about Eliza and that he is still hungover. At times, Timmy does not know how to behave around her. Carlos has a new helper in the form of Damon, who is an unpaid intern Timmy hated. The boss hints that Damon is quite capable of helping him and has similar interests as Carlos.

Carlos is upset with not being the only film buff in the store and feels threatened by Damon’s presence. After Eliza is pranked too, the revolt against the kids catches further steam and momentum. She joins forces with Percy, as Timmy is still unwilling to get drawn into this distraction. The more Kayla and Connie dig into the mystery, the more they are convinced that Hannah’s mom was a victim of the serial killer. Carlos and Damon’s competition continues as the latter is not just helping the customers better. He is also a more considerate co-worker.

He also has better trivia knowledge about films. Timmy is finally forced into settling scores after the kids put an “out of business” sign outside his store. Kayla advises Timmy to go through the skylight window instead of the front door as the twins will be watching it. But this plan is now in Percy and Eliza’s knowledge. They enjoy spending time with one another but Percy mentions he misses Timmy, who has been more involved with the store lately. As they go in, Timmy too tries to get in through the skylight but miserably fails and falls right into the store.

Carol comes running to inspect and falls down herself after clattering into a shelf. Eliza informs Carol that is okay and that when she told her about the grandsons, she agreed to send them to reform school. Damon and Carlos make out in the closet when they admit to having an attraction to each other and that all the hate-love vibes were indeed underlying. Connie and Kayla decide to inform Hannah of their findings but as they are about to, Hannah throws away a book from the offerendo she made for her as she hated reading, confirming to the duo that she was not Shadow Lake’s victim.

Timmy apologizes to Percy for not spending too much time with him lately but the mood is ruined when he discovers an eviction notice from Percy in his mailbox. It draws a line between the two friends, who go different ways after having agreed to go out for drinks to refurbish their friendship earlier.

The Episode Review

More of the same hot pile of garbage being served to us. The sitcom contriteness is emotionally damaging almost. How did Netflix go so bad with such a talented bunch of people?  The jokes are really embarrassing, let alone the scenes.

There is a suggestion of something that might lead to being funny – like the revenge that Timmy, Percy, and Eliza plan. But ultimately, when push comes to shove, the execution is severely lacking. That word could not be underlined anymore vehemently. Episode 3 aggravates the trend and it has slowly begun to define the show.

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