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Blink 182 – One More Time | Album Review

Track Listing

Anthem Part 3
Dance with Me
Fell in Love
One More Time
More Than You Know
Turn This Off!
When We Were Young
You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
Blink Wave
Bad News
Hurt (Interlude)
Fuck Face
Other Side


This album by pop punk megastars Blink 182 is an emotional whirlwind and a record that shows the band has worked heavily on their lyrical forays. The act dazzles here on most of the songs, but there are some missteps too. Some of the tracks have no real substance, and they lack that narrative burst. Of course, back in the day, the band didn’t care much about the written word.  

On One More Time, there are moments when the band inspires with their in-depth analysis of pain and how the world seems to be crumbling. The world is completely different now than when Blink 182 was starting out as a snotty-nosed outfit destined to hit the big time. Nowadays they’re more drilled in and composed, writing songs which do have more weight to them.  

Though this is true, there are tracks which are there to beef up the album. Songs like ‘More Than You Know’ and ‘Dance With Me’ as well as ‘Edging’ don’t show the same consistency as the most prominent songs on the LP.  

Thankfully, we do get some bangers. ‘Terrified’ opens with a shuddering guitar riff and Tom Delonge sings about the truth. Then there’s that burst, that rush, that compelling chorus which is enough to give the listener shivers.   

‘One More Time’ is an emotional ballad, pushing the band through the pain and the motions. Lyrically, it’s cathartic and studded in realism. The acoustics are on point here.  

‘When We Were Young’ is a showstopper with bashful instrumentals and emotion, sliding deeply into pop punk bliss. Delonge sparks fury here with that blistering chorus. 

‘Childhood’ is a beautiful song, reminding us that the band can write lyrics that resonate. The band reflect on their careers and growing old gracefully. Those simple instrumentals add substance and structure.  

Blink 182 has delivered an album that has flaws, but the songs which prevail keep it from falling into full-blown mediocrity.  

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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