Blind – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

A Very Old Future

Episode 4 of Blind begins in the past again, with the kids all rallying together at the Children’s Center. The upcoming routine inspection is a big moment for the kids, as Prisoner 11 tells them all that they’re going to escape. They need to prepare themselves.

That night, they all talk about what they want to do when they’re older, with Yoon-Jae raising his thumb to the air… as we cut to the present and see our maniacal Joker killer, complete with statues depicting the different jurors. Is the killer among them?

Meanwhile, Hye-Jin’s father struggles to announce the death of his daughter, going on to mention how there’s an ongoing investigation and they can’t rule anything out yet. As for Sung-Hoon, he watches through his monitor and thumbs Ji-Eun’s earring, the one he found in Sung-Joon’s car. He shows up unannounced while the officers are all discussing the case, and shows off text messages from all the jurors he contacted that night. That way they can trace through the alibis for each of them.

Sung-Hoon is more interested in Sung-Joon though, casually interrogating his brother and asking where he was and what he was up to at that time. Although he brushes aside the questions, Sung-Joon heads over to see Moon-kang to ask about his ties to Soon-gil. It’s an unnerving encounter, especially as his wife is completely stuck in the moment of grief, lighting candles and muttering to herself. Interestingly, Moon-kang happens to have a similar spider tattoo on his arm, matching that seen on the driver last episode.

On the day of the jury trial, Soon-Gil actually approached Moon-Kang and informed him that one of the kids “from back then” has been sneaking about.

Back in the present, all the jurors join together and gather for Hye-Jin’s funeral. Whilst there they begin to suspect one another, unsure whether the person who killed Coco Mum is among them. A video message is sent out to Chief Yeom of his daughter, which he watches with horror outside. He sees his daughter being tortured, pleading for her life. The Joker killer puts a bag over her head and chokes her out, forcing her father to watch. Yeom is sickened and struggles to compose himself.

On the way back, Eun-Ki blames herself given she got out the car first. She’s guilt stricken over what’s happened, saddened by her fellow juror passing away and believing herself to be partly responsible. Sung-Joon does his best to convince her that’s not the case.

However, it would appear that Sung-Joon is actually Yoon-Jae. A necklace he’s wearing becomes a focal point for the Station Chief, who learns from his subordinates that it used to belong to his sister. That sister would be Yoon-Jung… making him Yoon-Jae. Does this explains one mystery?

Sung-Joon is summoned to speak with Man-Chun up on the roof, alone. Man-Chun drops to his knees and pleads with him for help, pointing out he has a 7 year old son. His kid needed brain surgery but he didn’t have the money to pay for him. Man-Chun actually received a call in the heat of the moment from a shadowy figure, promising to pay for his son’s surgery if he did precisely what he asked.

This errand happened to be collecting a debt from Moon-Kang by taking Ji-Eun and holding her ransom. As soon as he accepted, the money was in his account but in return, he had to stay quiet… which he obviously hasn’t done.

Now, Moon-Kang actually t0ok the audio recording and Man-Chun is worried that this caller is going to get revenge. Man-Chun has the original copy of the recording to prove all of this, which convinces Sung-Joon to at least entertain the idea. He also promises to look after Man-Chun’s son – if everything he’s just said proves to be correct.

When Sung-Hoon arrives at the hospital, he narrowly misses a figure falling to their doom. It’s Man-Chun. When Sung-Hoon makes it to the roof, his brother is gone while the security guard up there is also knocked out. Was Man-Chun pushed? It certainly doesn’t look good, especially when Sung-Hoon learns his brother was up there at the time.

Forensics on the scene also find a button too, while we cut to Sung-Joon and find him driving away, ignoring any calls on his phone. Unfortunately, the killer shows up at Man-Chun’s place. The next scene, Sung-Joon is caught red-handed in the apartment, standing over Man-Chun’s wife while she has a knife stuck in her.

Sung-Joon claims that the perp has just left and he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it’s no good and he’s eventually forced to flee, narrowly avoiding several bullets in the process. When Sung-Joon stops the car, it would appear that the killer is in the backseat, as the guy chokes him out with a bag.

Word of Sung-Joon’s alleged murder spreads to the jurors too, who discuss on instant messaging what this may mean. At the same time, Sung-Joon’s parents show up at Sung-Hoon’s place but his mother is more worried about her appointment and how this will affect her rather than her own adoptive child. “Did the two of you not expect this?” Sung-Hoon bites back, pointing out that Sung-Joon’s past has all but confirmed he’s the killer.

When we cut across to Sung-Joon, he’s tied up and left bloodied and half naked. It’s Moon-Kang who has kidnapped him, and that familiar whistling from Crazy Dog is a horrible reminder of the past.

Moon-Kang calls him out as Yoon-Jae and claims that he’s the one who was on the phone with Man-Chun. The necklace seems to incriminate Sung-Joon further. While he monologues, Sung-Joon manages to slip away and hurries through the woods, breaking free from his binds and trying to thwart Moon-Kang’s goons.

Sung-Joon doesn’t get far though, and he’s forced to jump down a large chasm and out of harm’s way. He’s bloodied and battered but at least still alive.

The Episode Review

You know, I’m starting to doubt whether Sung-Joon actually is Yoon-jae or whether he adopted that name. We know there were two kids under the floorboards and I’m thinking that given the other kid so recklessly jumped down to try and do what’s right, this could actually be Sung-Joon and he took Yoon-Jae’s identity and necklace as a way of honoring his friend after he lost his life at the hands of Crazy Dog. It’s just a thought anyway but it seems like that could be where this show is going.

As the episodes tick by, it would appear that Sung-Joon is not the killer but instead just a guy stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. That could be wildly off the mark, and it seems too much of a coincidence that Sung-Joon was at the crime scene for both Man-Chun’s wife and also Man-Chun himself. It could be that Man-Chun jumped after getting spooked while the idea of there being more than one killer can’t be ignored either.

But then we come to the subject of those wooden statues. They look suspiciously like those carved by Sung-Hoon and it could well be that he’s involved in all of this, perhaps imitating his brother and pretending to be Yoon-Jae, intent on outing him for… reasons that are still unknown.

At this point it really is anyone’s guess but Blind is turning into quite the intriguing thriller. There’s a lovely underlying tone to all of this and the whodunit is deliciously paced and enticing. I don’t know about you guys but I genuinely can’t wait until next week’s episode!

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