Blind – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

You Should Give Up Hope As Long As You’re In Here

Episode 2 of Blind begins in the past, with Sung-Joon questioned at the police station about what’s happened. After gobbling down the food, he makes a statement and is eventually driven back whence he came. It turns out the officer is in collusion with Baek Moon-Kang, the man in charge of Hope Welfare Center. This is the place he tried to escape from at the beginning of episode 1.

Hope has been twisted here into a cruel word, describing this proverbial prison where the kids are treated badly.

Back in the courtroom, Man-Chun continues with his statement. He brings up how he destroyed the cameras in the street and followed Ji-Eun, scaring her. When a car passed, Ji-Eun kicked Man-Chun away and ran to the parking lot, where she got in the car with that strange man. A man we know now was Sung-Joon himself.

The jury and the crowd are in uproar when Man-Chun describes the car, pointing out it’s a black SUV with a honeycomb grille. Of course, this does absolutely nothing to narrow it down. However, this is when he brings up that Sung-Joon was the one driving.

When Sung-Joon shows up at court, he has a very different statement, including word that Man-Chun’s car was actually a motorcycle, especially as they have security footage to prove it. There’s also the subject of the bloodied knife too.

According to Man-Chun, the rain would have washed it away and the police  are well-known in these parts for planting evidence. As for Sung-Joon, he’s figured out that Man-Chun has a signature – which happens to be those awful Joker-esque cuts across the mouth. The woman Man-Chun was living with just so happens to sport these same scars across her cheeks; nasty cuts that are eerily similar to that seen on Ji-Eun.

After hearing both sides of the story, the jury gather and try to work out if Man-Chun is actually guilty or not. Sung-Hoon has his own ideas, given he knows what his brother is like, while the jury eventually return and make a bold verdict. That verdict being that Man-Chun is guilty. Tellingly, the camera stops on Sung-Joon as he rubs his hands together and says “Okay.”

Off the back of this, Sung-Hoon sentences the guy to life in prison. One person who’s not overly thrilled though is Moon-Kang. As Sung-Hoon reads out the charges, Man-Chun stabs his lawyer with a pen and throws himself at Sung-Hoon. Before he can stab the guy, Sung-Joon grabs Man-Chun and holds the guy back until the officers can cuff him.

Before Man-Chun is taken away, he promises all of them that they’ll die for what they’ve done today.

After the trial, Sung-Hoon questions his brother over Man-Chun’s statement. Sung-Joon is pretty taken aback by his brother’s lack of faith in him, while all the jurors (minus one, who decides to head home alone) decide to have dinner together.

While all this is going on, a strange motorcyclist drives up beside the Ministry of Justice bus en-route to the prison, consequently causing it to crash and tip upside down. Man-Chun breaks free from his binds and escapes.

By the time forensics and other offices arrive on the scene, Man-Chun is long gone. Sung-Joon checks out the security footage and decides to leave, alone, in pursuit. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that Man-Chun is not working independently, and his target could well be the jurors and Sung-Hoon, given he was the judge who sentenced him.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Man-Chun actually snatched a crucial document which he was holding in the bus. This happens to be the name and address for all the jurors. Although he only managed to get a little piece of it, this happens to hold the address for Eun-Ki, whichis where he’s heading.

Sung-Hoon calls to check up on her, ticking her name off the list of those safe and sound when she confirms there’s no one there. Only… that’s not true. Man-Chun happens to be there and holds her up at ransom.

The next morning, police arrive and surround the building. Sung-Joon is there too and decides to go it alone, hopping over to the adjacent building to stop Man-Chun.

Sung-Joon doesn’t have permission from the chief to do this, but he heads round the back, while the negotiators hear Man Chun tell them he wants to be released from custody within an hour. He knows this isn’t going to fly with the president but as he chuckles evilly, Sung-Joon jumps over the gap between buildings and flies in the middle of this skirmish between Man-Chun and Eun-Ki.

Before the former can stab Eun-Ki, Sun-Jun shoots him and turns his back on the guy. Unfortunately, Sung-Joon ends up getting stabbed for his efforts, right in the back.

At the hospital, Moon-Kang shows up disguised as a doctor along with his associates. Man-Chun is there too, clearly still alive, and wanting to exact revenge. He’s convinced that Man-Chun is responsible for killing Ji-Eun. Just before he’s injected, Man-Chun claims he has evidence to prove that he was paid by someone higher than himself. And that person? Jung Yoon-Jae.

The Episode Review

The second episode continues to deepen the mystery here, as it seems there’s much more to Ji-Eun’s murder than first meets the eye. It’s clear that Yoon-Jae is the brains behind this whole operation, which makes sense given the flashbacks we’ve been witnessing involving Hope Welfare Center.

However, it does also seem like Sung-Hoon could have a bigger part to play in this case, while Sung-Joon certainly isn’t out of the woods yet either.

There’s a lot of intriguing elements to this case, especially regarding what Moon-kang’s actually doing and what his shady past entails, not to mention how he got the name of Crazy Dog in the first place.

The jurors, especially that one who doesn’t want to be filmed and the other who slipped away, could well be bigger elements to this case too but we’ll have to wait and see. For now though, this second episode continues the great work from the first, leaving the door wide open for where this may go next.

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