Bleach Lab – Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness | Album Review

Track Listing

All Night 
Counting Empties 
Saving All Your Kindness 
Everything At Once 
Nothing Left To Lose 
Never Coming Back 
Smile For Me 
Leave The Light On 
Life Gets Better 


Bleach Lab desires hope and strength as they embark on a rallying cry with the well-structured songs that make up their album Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness.

The talented outfit breaks open the emotions with this one. They haven’t rushed this record but have honed down the right amount of tone and measure. 

From the beginning of this album to the conclusion, the band use their talents convincingly, progressing through the darkness and the gloom, and sorting through their own turmoil. The act doesn’t carry happiness as a charge or as a form of medicine either, as they’re confidently sad. This sad direction isn’t a foregone conclusion but it shows the band is human and hurt.  

Lyrically, the band shows their scars and their bottled-up fears break into a sequence of discontent. The pessimism comes from the way the world sets itself, and how it has become such a broken vessel.  

11 songs earn plaudits here. ‘Indigo’ is a brilliant track, tackling love and pain, misfortune and misty dreams. The band plays softly enough and fast when they need to. It’s a guitar-driven masterclass, as well as being story-driven.  

‘Everything At Once’ starts with echoes before delivering intensity when it rises. The guitar is a worthy charge while the words show the band’s search for clarity even in the most challenging of times.  

‘Smile For Me’ conveys broken beauty and the shadows that shroud out the elegance that life can offer. The band wants to feel happy, but they’re constantly feeling the effects of a chaotic world. The devil is on the doorstep too. Those chimes and musical offerings add sonic value.  

Bleach Lab is a talented band, constantly working away at their sound, delivering rock songs with a bite of melancholy.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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