Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained – Who survives the airstrip skirmish?

Black Summer Season 2 Plot Synopsis

Black Summer season 2 spends most of its time in the frozen tundra of the North. After a brief prologue, we catch up with our characters four months after the events of the original series.

Rose and Anna are now reunited after their encounter at the stadium, and they try to survive alongside new and old friends and foes.

Spears is also here too, with his own journey North that sees him sidelined from the group. Sun finds herself in hot water most of the 8 episodes, as all of our characters make their own way to a (hopeful) safe sanctuary in an airstrip.

Who dies in the last episode?

One of the first to meet an untimely demise is Boone. He leads a group of survivors to the airstrip and receives a bullet in the back of the head for his troubles. Preceding this, we saw Spears mercifully killed by Anna at the end of episode 7.

Mance’s fate is unclear at this time, after a breathless chase and escape from zombies in the airstrip. The last we see of him he’s on his knees, panting and breathing heavily after a pretty impressive headshot on a fast-approaching zombie.

It’s hinted that Rose dies too, especially after a significant injury from shooting the propane tanks, but she survives this ordeal.

Who gets on the plane?

The final two survivors who sprint toward the plane are Sun and Anna. They both race up as it touches down on the airstrip.

Sun is the first to jump aboard but Anna is unable to go. As the door shuts, Anna takes a detour and decides against leaving her Mother. Sun however, boards the plane and breathes a sigh of relief as it takes off.

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What happens with Rose, Anna and Ray?

After a tense stand-off, Anna shows up with a car after seemingly evading the zombies chasing after her moments prior to this on the airstrip. We’ll just brush aside the suspicious absence of zombies in this scene!

The penultimate chapter shows how much this journey has affected Anna and here we see the pay-off. She’s been with her Mother all season and decides to save her from certain doom.

When she drives up to them, Ray drops his gun in defeat and decides to concede to the two women. Anna doesn’t run him over (which was this reviewer’s initial first thoughts) and instead everything is left open regarding their fates.

It seems Ray has some emotional baggage he’s been carrying with him this season. His monologue at the end about greed, coupled with him dropping his wedding ring back in episode 1, hint at a much darker backstory. Was his wife killed in some way? Perhaps we’ll see some of this in season 3 if this is renewed. Fingers crossed!

How does Black Summer season 2 end?

Black Summer season 2 ends with the plane arriving at the airstrip as predicted and all of our characters at a crossroads. Just like the end of season 1, the ending here hints that we’ll be jumping all over the place if season 3 is green-lit.

Sun makes it aboard the plane and takes off while Ray, Anna and Rose are presumably going to be teaming up from here on out.

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Where is the plane going?

When Sun boards the plane, a Korean-speaking American man is there and he claims they’re going far away. It’s just speculation at this point but could he be referring to Korea? Given they can both speak the language, it would possibly make narrative sense.

This man mentions how they need to stop and refuel before continuing on, so it would hint at a long-haul flight. For now, it’s still unknown but this is our best guess.

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  1. Season 3 please.
    I loved the way this was filmed. The different angle of camera shots and the “Chapter” Titles were very interesting. One of the better Zombie shows.

  2. The absence of zombies when Anna shows up to an injured rose is because Mance distracted them from chasing Anna and killed them all the process! 🤦‍♂️ Also, Boone didn’t receive a shot in the head from the survivors he was leading as he then became a zombie, it was in the back. Mance shot him in the head eventually, but this is why there are no zombies when Anna gets to rose.

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