Black Summer – Season 2 Episode 6 “Currency” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Black Summer Season 2 begins with our ragtag group of survivors trudging through the forest. They come across a supply crate but they’re quickly ambushed by a man named Sam. He seems to know his stuff too, and he encourages them to work with him to haul this over the ridge. He wants to share everything out. However, there definitely feels like an ulterior motive going on here.

Well, as they haul the gear up the mountain, everything goes horribly wrong and Sam finds himself tumbling all the way down, sporting a battered leg and multiple cuts. He eventually collapses, ready to be turned into zombie food as the other survivors look at each other knowingly. It turns out they actually cut the ropes knowingly. There is no honour among thieves!

Meanwhile, Rose and Anna are led out into those very same woods by Boone. He’s clearly not of sane mind but he leads them through the frozen trees to the ridge. Only…he fails to find what he’s looking for. Rose believes this is an ambush and promises to kill Boone if he doesn’t get them there by sundown. Boone is looking for a ski lodge, as it turns out, one complete with electricity and hot water.

Rose laughs bitterly as she realizes this guy is hallucinating. She takes him away from Anna but she hurries after her Mother, convincing her not to do anything rash. She manages to save him from a grizzly fate, leading Boone to carry their gear.

Sun and the militia are led up to another supply crate with Officer Ray. They’re not alone though as a trio of survivors show with weapons and decide they want a fair share of the loot. Ray is having none of it though, and watches them like a hawk. Sun manages to police the situation, making sure it doesn’t end in bloodshed after handing over a single bag of guns to them.

Her handcuffs are removed by Ray for her efforts, showing raw red and nastily cut wrists. As they prepare for what’s to come, we cut across to Rose and Anna one last time. Boone has found the ski lodge after all!

The Episode Review

After the previous episode’s detour, we’re back in the frozen tundra as various factions fight and squabble over supply crates and the airstrip – which seems to be where our finale is going to take place.

With all of our characters split up, there hasn’t been a lot of deep characterization with players like Officer Ray, which is a real shame. It seems like he’s just sort of opportunistic because the script dictates it so. It would have been nice to see a big more about his background, but then there is still time for that.

The ending hints that we’ve got some dramatic episodes to come, and with episode 7 clocking in as the longest chapter of this season, we’ll have to wait and see what that entails for our characters!

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3 thoughts on “Black Summer – Season 2 Episode 6 “Currency” Recap & Review”

  1. Good grief. I agree with the first commenter. Move the small crates up the hill. If you want the large crate up the hill too, move it when it is empty and far lighter. These folks aren’t too bright.

  2. The story concerning the *other* parachuted crate which Sam and the others find beggars belief. When attempting to pull it over the ridge, WHY didn’t they simply reduce the load somewhat by removing a couple of the smaller crates contained inside? After surmounting the ridge, they could have then easily gone back the few meters and retrieved the couple of smaller crates. Easy peasy! OR… If the group whom Sam had gang-pressed into being his “beasts of burden” felt that he was being an unfair taskmaster – or were suspicious of some other double-cross later on – rather than cutting the line AND KILLING ONE OF THEIR OWN, they could have stabbed/shot and then “mercied” Sam at any time while pulling and his guard was down. Now, instead, they have lost one of their own teammates, and also damaged the crate!

  3. The one parachuted crate discovered by Officer Ray and his team (with Sun in tow) contains, among other things, a smaller crate full of military-grade weapons and corresponding ammunition. QUESTION: Why would a “help agency” or “emergency rescue organization” think that survivors need enough guns and ammo to start a small war? These weren’t mere hunting weapons. I mean: This is one small step away from air-dropping them small artillery!

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