Black Summer – Season 2 Episode 4 “Cold War” Recap & Review

Cold War

Episode 4 of Black Summer Season 2 feels a lot more action-packed compared to the other episodes this season. The chapter itself begins with Sun waking up to find herself face-down in the snow.

Ray and the rest of the troops show up though and help her. They’ve set their sights on the safe house and together with all the soldiers, intend to take it by force. Sun meanwhile, is led there in handcuffs. Ray intends to use her as collateral damage, sending her out into the open with a rag in her hand as a sign of truce.

Inside the house meanwhile, Rose and Anna prepare for what’s to come. With Anna hiding out upstairs, they’re forced to listen to Ray’s rhetoric as he tells them to throw their weapons out and surrender. There is no truce here, as a barrage of bullets speaks volumes. One of those bullets hits Freddie, whom Rose bundles into the basement.

Those bullets, as it turns out, came courtesy of a rogue group who showed up to ambush the ambushers. In the midst of all this, Sun finds herself caught in the crossfire, unarmed and forced to move between soldiers as fighting breaks out.

Sun is moved around the house, as fighting and gunshots rain down all around her. Inside and outside the safe house little skirmishes break out. A plane flies overhead though, dropping supply crates in the distance and reinforcing what these people are fighting for.

While Sun is taken outside with Ray and the other militia, Rose and Anna hold their ground inside, hiding in the bath together as gunshots continue to rain down.

The axe-wielding man, Boone, shows up and claims that he knows where a safe haven is and offers to take them there. As the fighting subsides, everyone finds their own way to the supply drop – and what lies beyond.

The Episode Review

Black Summer returns for a shorter chapter this time, charting the skirmish on the manor as all hell breaks loose and our characters find themselves scrambling for survival. In particular, Sun is the focal character here as she’s shuffled around amidst the gunfire.

Unlike the first season though, Black Summer seems to have leaned in harder to the human VS human action rather than seeing these factions square off against hordes of the undead. That’s a shame too, as there’s no big hordes here and most of the action has been between humans that just want to kill each other.

Despite that, there’s a lot of action this episode and the run-time absolutely flies by too because of it. The halfway point certainly sets things up nicely for the second half to come.

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4 thoughts on “Black Summer – Season 2 Episode 4 “Cold War” Recap & Review”

  1. Strong disagree.

    Watching this, its clear the second season is doing something different then the first. It startes off in medias res. It’s supposed to be a bit confusing and thinggs then flesh out.

    If you pay attention, the guy who left and the women knew some sort of pilot and something about a supply drop.

    They might have been hiding things from the sketchy family. The guy hiding worked there.

    The armed groups are converging on this house because they also know something about the supply drop.

    I get it might not be some people’s thing, but I understan what they’re doing here, and I appreciate it. It’s a mystery that comes together in pieces.

  2. Halfway into the season… What are they even fighting for? Is that the only house in the universe? After all the fighting, nobody stays in the house, so why fight for it? Why are they out here in this desolate region? I can’t tell who belongs to which group. There are way too many characters and they are mostly covered in winter clothes. They barely speak and we only hear some vague intention like “survive”, “go north”, “find the airstrip”. Also, showing past scenes later does not add anything but confusion. How can I understand the story if I have no idea what anybody wants. This season is crappy.

  3. Major annoyances with this episode
    1 at end mother daughter didn’t gather the ammunition and or guns
    2 previously it showed in the army group 12men, some died others got separated now their is about a dozen again not explained why they have the dead back (I didn’t count)
    3 the people staying at that building didn’t clear it before assuming it was safe
    4 the mother daughter didn’t scout the area after entering
    5 the people in building didn’t scout the area
    6 not making spears to keep them at arms length
    7 not breaking the furniture or cabinets for firewood

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