Black Summer – Season 2 Episode 3 “Card Game” Recap & Review

Card Game

Episode 3 of Black Summer Season 2 begins inside the manor with Rose and Anna seeking refuge. With Freddie standing on the outskirts, we’re introduced to Sonny, Mom and the rest of this ragtag group.

Sitting next to the fire, Rose and Anna confirm they’re heading north – which is the same direction this group of survivors are going too. They’ve been communicating with pilots via a radio scanner upstairs, and they know there’s a supply drop nearby. As they sit together, the group try to work out whether to go or not.

Rose votes that Freddie volunteers, while Sonny exhibits concerns about letting her boy out of her sight. While the pair stare one another down, Anna heads off to use the bathroom.

As the camera swings around, a man happens to be hiding out in the office, breathing heavily. Just as a quick heads up, we find out this guy is called Boone later on in the season. Anyway, Anna makes it back downstairs without being jumped.

Mark eventually heads outside, ready to hit the supply drop while the others hold tight inside, playing cards and casually chilling. Mark evades a zombie and heads out on his snowmobile.

Rhonda returns to the radio and tries to communicate with the plane. However, Sonny is completely unreasonable and and forces her up and away from the console. As they look set to head back downstairs, the group realize that there’s an axe missing from the doorway.

Tensions begin to flare inside, eventually leading to Freddie forced outside to get firewood. With a torch in hand, he hurries across to grab some wood but he’s quickly ambushed and forced to scramble up a tree.

Back inside the house, radio static brings Sonny upstairs to speak to Rhonda. Sonny doesn’t trust her though and eventually shoots the girl in cold blood. She inevitably turns, leading to an all-out skirmish inside the house. It’s dark and difficult to see anything, but Anna is the one to hit the killing blow and thwart the threat.

Sonny eventually flies off the handle and destroys the radio as static comes through. The static voices however, are accompanied by zombie snarling. Mutiny soon grips the house as Anna and Rose kill Mom and Sonny in cold blood and remain the two survivors…but for Boone.

The next day, our axe-wielding survivor creeps through the manor, peeking Anna asleep on her bed.

The Episode Review

The trouble with a slow-paced episode like this, that’s supposed to be wracked in tension, is that we know the outcome already. We know all these people die while Anna and Rose survive. Because of this, there’s absolutely no mystery and the whole episode flatlines. The first episode is the biggest culprit here though, and in a way it feels completely unnecessary and does more harm than good.

It’s such a shame because there’s actually a lot of uneasiness with these segments and you feel like it could explode at any moment.

However, this episode does shed light on Mark and Freddie and how they became separated from the group.

Much like the first season though, you do need to suspend your disbelief with this one a fair amount, with lots of eyebrow raising sequences that defy belief.

However, the story is still gripping this time around and the ending certainly hints at some dramatic episodes to come.

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4 thoughts on “Black Summer – Season 2 Episode 3 “Card Game” Recap & Review”

  1. The cards represented the people and their position in the room. They would reposition each card as each character moved…very clever

  2. The cards represented the people and their position in the room. They were reposition each card as each character moved

  3. Hello,

    After watching this episode, I was wondering if Anne and Rose’s card game is a form of communication between them. They quickly tried to get Freddie to stop wanting to play by not sharing the rules and making it very confusing and Anne and Rose seemed to know what each other was thinking without any words. Just a theory.

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