Black Summer – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Tunnel” Recap & Review


True Colours

With their loot in tow, Sun and Spears reunite with the rest of the survivors in a warehouse. As they arrive, they suddenly hear shotguns and more zombies approaching. Before any more casualties are felt in the group, two soldiers show up and get rid of them, explaining to the group they can take them safely to the stadium.

After the dramatic events in the last few episodes, the group decide to stop and catch their breath before continuing on. At this point they learn from the soldiers there will be regular evacuations from the stadium and that the Air Force are to contain and clear Black Zone areas. After some gentle probing, the group learn that the Black Zone are areas completely overrun by the dead. Therefore they need to wait until the bombing stops before they can head out and continue on to safety.

As the group sleep off their ordeal, Rose awakens in the middle of the night and hears strange noises. With the soldiers and Spears nowhere to be seen, she wanders off on her own, following the muffled sounds. It’s here where she comes across Spears whose handcuffed and being taken away by the two soldiers. They reveal Spears isn’t who he says he is and brings things back to the first episode where the man stole the uniform and took on his persona. After revealing to Rose that his true name is James Julius, Spears tries to defend himself by saying they’re lying and only interested in looting.

Without hesitation, Rose shoots the soldiers and frees Spears. Returning to the group, they collect their things and head outside, ready to storm the stadium. As they emerge into the open, the bearded man whistles, reunited with his dog again. Leaving without saying a word, he wanders off into the deserted streets, leaving the group to fend for themselves.

Clocking in at a little over 25 minutes, this penultimate episode to Black Summer’s first season really acts as a catalyst to get things moving toward the stadium. With the group, and us, taking a proverbial deep breath for the time being, everything looks poised for a dramatic finale from here.


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