Blackpink: Light Up the Sky – Netflix Documentary Review

Four Girls, One Big Dream

To call Blackpink huge would be an understatement. Between the billion views on YouTube, high positions on the Billboard Hot 100 and numerous catchy songs, Blackpink are a girl group growing from strength to strength. And they’re not slowing down any time soon.

Aptly titled Light Up The Sky, this Netflix documentary is an intimate look at the four girls that make up this Korean group.

There’s a decent amount of time dedicated to each of the four girls, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. This sees each of the girls talking about their background, how they got into music and how they feel about their meteoric rise to fame.

Interspersed around these moments are fly-on-the-wall shots of the girls traveling or talking. There’s also some decent archival footage from news outlets too, which all combine to reinforce just how big a deal this group are.

All of this culminates in an impressive Coachella performance and behind the scene segments from their worldwide tour. Through all this crazy work, the message rings true and the friendship shared by the girls is partly why this group have done so well.

With YG Entertainment and producer Teddy however, the documentary branches into a slightly different flavour during the midway point. There’s some nice material here about the stereotypical way Korean music is pigeon-holed into K-Pop but a more eye-opening examination of a tough, cut-throat industry.

Some girls and boys don’t even break into public view for years – sometimes decades. The constant training, sprains, injuries and break downs are all part of the journey. While many people give up, Blackpink’s desire for people to give them a chance allowed that glass ceiling to shatter.

And that is ultimately the big take-away from this documentary. As good as Blackpink are (and they are undeniably talented), the way they’ve taken the mainstream by storm and broken boundaries is incredibly inspiring. As the girls themselves say “If you love what you do, then good things will happen.”

Lighting up Netflix, Blackpink’s documentary is an interesting, eye-opening examination of Korean music and Blackpink’s incredible rise to fame. Clocking in at 75 minutes, this is an easy watch and a must-watch that’s sure to please fans and casual watchers alike.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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