Black Mirror – Season 6 Episode 2 “Loch Henry” Recap & Review

Loch Henry

Episode 2 of Black Mirror Season 6 introduces us to Pia and her partner, Davis, who head up to Scotland to start filming a documentary about an egg thief. Riveting stuff. Anyway, en-route they end up stopping by Davis’ mother’s place. There, Pia meets Janet for the first time. When Pia mentions the lackadaisical efforts of the police, it rubs Janet up the wrong way. After all, Kenny, Davis’ deceased father, actually used to be a cop.

Late at night, Pia and Davos end up filming their sexual exploits, but Janet can hear them in the other room. In the morning, Pia notices a whole bunch of videotapes for Bergerac, an old detective show, kept on display in the living room. After an awkward moment involving Janet, Pia and Davis head out into town.

Whilst there, they run into Davis’ old friend, Stuart. He’s certainly not afraid to say what he thinks, and he mentions how the place is basically like a ghost town now. Part of the reason for this stems from a guy called Iain Adair. Iain used to live up at Five Acres Farm on the hill with his mum and dad. Quiet and easily led, it turns out he  tortured and killed people. Before all of this took place though, there used to be loads of tourists.

1997 is the year this took place, and here, a couple showed up for their honeymoon. A week later, although their car is still parked outside the cottage they rented, all their stuff is still inside… but the couple are  gone. Kenny was assigned to the case, but as the weeks went by, there appears to be no sign of the pair. And then Princess Diana died and the journalists moved on. But those inside the town never forgot.

A drunk Iain Adair started talking one night in the pub about the missing couple, and threatened to shoot the place up. Kenny showed up at Iain’s to talk, but the latter shot him in the shoulder. When back-up arrived, it turns out three gunshots pierced the air. One shot for Iain’s mum, dad and himself, as he turned the gun on himself to avoid jail time. Down in his basement, a hidden bunker unveils a torture room that Iain used to hurt and torture his victims before eventually burying them in the countryside. There were 8 victims in total.

Pia wants to see where it all took place, and believes Iain’s boarded up house is the perfect spot for their film. In fact, she wants to ditch the eggs and go all-in on documenting the Iain incident. Davis is not so sure, given this is so personal to him and the townsfolk. Even Stuart is onboard with this though, believing his drone is going to be perfect for the opening shot and showing the location, and it’ll have a knock-on effect for being a tourist boom.

Davis and Pia start watching old tapes of news reports, and piece that together with newspaper clippings, interviews with locals like Stuart and plenty of shots of Loch Henry. The pair work tirelessly to get the documentary filmed and edited, and even Janet is all for getting this story out there, agreeing to give an interview herself.

While exploring the murder house, Stuart, Pia and Davis work together to film what they can see. And that includes fluids all over the torture room. On the way back, the trio drive but end up crashing on the road with Stuart’s dad. Now, we’ve seen him a fair amount this episode, and it seems like he’s hiding something. He’s constantly drinking himself into a stupor and ends up in hospital, given he was involved in the crash with Davis and the others. In the middle of the night, he ends up alone with Davis, pleading with him to stop the film.

Elsewhere, Pia heads home with Janet. Unfortunately, those Begerac tapes have more in them than first meets the eye. When Pia lets one run to the very end, the tape changes to showing more of the past. It turns out Janet and Kenny led Iain into being the fall-guy and egged him on to help with the torturing and killing of their victims. Victims including the honeymoon couple.

Having seen the footage, Pia is undoubtedly spooked, and even more so when she notices the mask Janet wore in the video hung up on the wall. She struggles to hold it together and even tries ringing Davis. Unfortunately, there’s no signal.

Pia decides to make a run for it, but in doing so, she tumbles while trying to navigate through a river and smacks her head on a rock. As she passes out and drifts downriver, Janet struggles to control herself, believing her secret is out. Back home, Janet looks over her old photos of their victims, and grabs all the VHS tapes, placing them on the table along with a note for her son. As for Janet, she heads upstairs, puts her torture mask on and hangs herself in the bedroom.

We then cut forward and see the end result of this documentary on Streamberry, with Davis on-screen and forced to smile through the pain, including the shocking reality of what happened up at Loch Henry.

This incident is a massive hit and the story is big news. The thing is, Davis is basically sidelined in the wake of all this, as it reveals the true nature of what it’s really like for the victims of these true crime stories. Kate Cezar, the producer we saw earlier reluctant about taking the story on, receives all the plaudits, but Davis returns to his room alone. Stuart calls and thanks Davis for his help, believing he’s living the high life now.

The pub is heaving, and there’s even people wearing Janet masks too. Davis hangs up and looks across the room at his BAFTA, revealing the mask that he’s currently wearing in the wake of everything that’s happened, Davis gets his BAFTA and he’s a hit documentarian… but at what cost?

The Episode Review

Loch Henry might actually be one of the most revealing episodes of Black Mirror in quite some time. It’s so easy to sit through all these true crime documentaries and review them, but at the end of the day, they’re stories based on real events that have happened to people. And if anyone missed the little Easter Egg, while Joan is looking through Streamberry in episode 1, she actually passes the “Loch Henry show” without a second glance. And how often have we been guilty of that?

On that same subject of Easter eggs, there’s also a nice little nod to Junipero too, given it was one of the other documentaries up for an award, which avid fans may have picked up along the way!

Seeing Davis at the end of all this, forced to live with the horror of what’s happened but also sidelined too, is extremely eye-opening, and it’s perhaps even more ironic given Pia died in a freak accident and she’s the one who wanted to follow this line of enquiry, not Davis.

Cezar’s nonchalant comments at the end about the other documentarian, telling her to lighten up, is a great way of showing that this horror sticks with the person it’s affected long after the end credits. It also shows off the true nature of showbiz too, with cutthroat executives determined to exploits others for money, fame, entertainment, or all three.

The final shot, with Davis drinking alone in his room, wallowing in grief while looking at his BAFTA, is a great way of capturing all of this in one fell swoop. While a slow burn drama at its heart, this episode really picks it up in the best way at the end, delivering a solid watch overall. Let’s hope the rest of the episodes follow suit!

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