Black Knight – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

Does 5-8 succeed in assassinating Ryu Seok?

Episode 6 of Black Knight kicks off from where we left off in the previous episode, with 5-8 attempting to shoot Ryu Seok. Mr. Oh’s deception, however, makes their scheme evident offering Ryu Seok the chance to escape. The deliverymen lose the only chance to get rid of him since they miss their target.

What does Chairman Ryu do with his son?

Seol-ah has presented Chairman Ryu with all of the proof against his child and Cheonmyeong. Chairman Ryu is horrified by what his son has done because he created the Air Cores to help people.

As a consequence, Chairman Ryu gives the President authority over the supply and distribution of oxygen in an attempt to stop Ryu Seok. Meanwhile, we learn that Grandpa and Chairman Ryu teamed up at Cheonmyeong until the moment he left, so they are acquainted.

How does Chairman Ryu die?

When the Defense Minister comes to take Ryu Seok into custody, he kills his guards instead. Ryu Seok holds his dad’s gun towards his own head in an attempt to get him to use it to solve the issue at hand rather than pass it on to somebody else. However, the Defense Minister ends up shooting Chairman Ryu to death.

What does Ryun Seok do?

The next step in Ryu Seok’s takeover strategy is a coup now that the government is in charge. Thereafter, they pursue the president. Additionally, Ryu Seok suspends all oxygen deliveries until 5-8 as well as the rest of the squad are captured, effectively placing a bounty on them.

Everybody who received a medical checkup or got a vaccination dies, proving that Ryu Seok’s strategy is working. When Grandpa realizes this, he calls 4-1, who then issues the alert.

What leads to Seol-uh’s kidnapping?

Despite the Deliverymen’s successful intervention in the vaccine distribution, Useless is killed in the ensuing crossfire. Sa-wol holds Useless as he passes away. Useless, in his final moments, begs him to run away. Sa-wol, though, doesn’t pay attention because of his loss and he is abducted.

Does 5-8 manage to take down Ryu Seok and the Cheonmyeong group?

Seol-ah, along with her Intelligence Command, join forces with 5-8 as well as his Deliverymen to invade the Core District. They end up using the designs that Grandpa created with Chairman Ryu to carry out their plan.

The combined forces divide into various teams and jointly attack the capital. Mr. Oh is shot dead by 4-1 and her team and the Defense Minister is detained for treason by Seol-ah. Following that, 5-8 heads out to save Sa-wol.

Ryu Seok fills the Air Core, insisting that the refugees must be denied security, stability, as well as access to clean oxygen. In order to give 5-8 a brief window of opportunity to shoot Ryu Seok, Sa-wol, who is barely conscious, creates a distraction. Thereafter, 5-8 shoots Ryu Seok.

When the Air Core explodes, Ryu Seok, the Cheonmyeong group, as well as the members of the capital building are all killed. On the other hand, Sa-wol as well as the refugees manage to run away with 5-8 and Seol-ah.

Does the season have a happy ending?

The President eradicates the QR codes’ structure of class distinction and pledges to create a society where everyone is treated fairly. Three months following that, as the skies over the Korean Peninsula at last start to clear, 5-8 and Sa-wol continue to be Deliverymen and have grown closer than ever.

The Episode Review

The dystopian thriller is strengthened by the episode’s excellent pace as well as the stunning visual effects. Having said that, the show goes on to add an excess of new plotlines but fails to satisfactorily tie them all together when it comes to an end.

Additionally, the episode and the entire series spends too much time on hidden identities and diseases, which takes the focus away from developing the primary characters.

Despite offering a thrilling premise, the series fails to make its characters’ motivations strong, making for a decent but somewhat flawed watch.

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