Black Honey – A Fistful Of Peaches | Album Review

Track Listing

Charlie Bronson
Up Against It
Out Of My Mind
Rock Bottom
Cut The Cord
I’m A Man
Nobody Knows


Black Honey do not surrender to the mainstream and they definitely don’t break easily. The work they have put into their album A Fistful Of Peaches is remarkable, and as every song ticks by, you realize that everything slots together beautifully.

Yes, they’re catchy, but there’s so much more to these songs. Solid foundations are always needed when creating something relevant, and Black Honey has the tools and song-craft to get to the next level.

Sometimes elegant, sometimes not; the album has a song for every mood. That rush of energy generates and is contagious too, and the band has created a blockbuster.

12 songs make up this record, with ‘Heavy; starting off softly until the chorus crashes in. The symphonic notes are arresting, and the whole experience is joyous.

‘Out Of My Mind’ is another brilliant track, with an infectious chorus that embeds and lingers. It’s such an artful song, and it’s matched by ‘OK’, which blasts through with strong rhythms and melodies. The vocals connect well with the vibrant sound, though the lyrics are darker than most.

Overall, Black Honey show their class with this one, delivering an album that’s worthy of being called a piece of artistry.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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