Black Dog – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Making Life Difficult For Ha-Neul

While Black Dog is still a little slow, the story is enjoyable enough to make it quite the interesting drama to watch. We see Ha-Neul’s first day as a teacher and facing more challenges; this time with her course partner. There are some nice developments too in term of her relationships with the other teachers and while her first interaction with class was quite difficult, her determination and support she is starting to get should help her face these hurdles head on.

We begin with the first day of school. Ha-Neul is advised not to tell the students she is a short-term teacher and as she makes her way to the college advisory group, another teacher, Song Ji-Sun, offers her help. In the office, a difficult parent arrives to discuss college applications but Ms Park and Myung-Soo are surprised to see Ha-Neul dealing with her really well.

Meanwhile, the vice principal discusses with Mr Moon about hiring a permanent teacher and potentially choosing one of the short term ones. Mr Moon later shows him the forum from the website Ha-Neul talked to him about and warns him that if she was to become permanent, they could be in a lot of trouble and hinder his promotion. Back in the office, Ms Park berates Ha Neul for not knowing enough about college admission and explains that parents prefer going to prep school than theirs.

As the student arrives, Ha-Neul finds out that her course partner is quirky and difficult Kim Yi-Boon who she will share classes with. She explains that they have to teach the same lessons and decides to use Ha-Neul’s presentation. However, she makes corrections when spotting subjects she doesn’t want to teach and asks her not to as well which doesn’t please Ha-Neul.

After the teachers’ timetables are released, Song is asked to switch classes with Yeon-Woo as he needs to do lectures for the channel EBC in the evening. Angry, Song refuses while Ha-Neul is overwhelmed again by the amount of work she has to do. Song then invites her to attend the senior class meeting, knowing full well there is a college advisory meeting at the same time. Reluctantly, she heads there while we see Ms Park and the rest of the group waiting for her before they can start the meeting.

Realising the other meeting was at the same time, Ha-Neul rushes back to the other group. She apologises to Myung then heads to her first class while the heads of groups meet with the principal. He explains that they need to talk about school evaluation as the college admissions were low last year and from now, he wants both groups to work together with the college advisory leading. Unfortunately, the meeting ends with an argument between Song and Park as they clash yet again.

Ha-Neul heads to her first class late as she couldn’t find the classroom. After introducing herself, she has trouble keeping the students in check, even worse the powerpoint presentation is completely messed up. In the cafeteria, Ha-Neul is joined by Ji-Sun who gives her some advice and offers her assistance. She then goes on to question whether she should be teaching the same lessons as her course partner.

Back in the office, Ha-Neul apologises to Ms Park about the meeting confusion and explains that she got confused as she’s part of both groups. After promising to do her best, Yeon-Do speaks to her about her offer to do his Friday afternoon classes and refuses as it will he too much for her. However, she insists as he’s stuck and needs help.

Arriving near Yi-Boon’s desk, Ha-Neul overhears students speaking and congratulating her on the presentation as she takes credit for Ha-Neul’s work. They then go on to criticize Ha-Neul. After her partner asks to make more corrections, Ha-Neul stands up to her and suggests teaching the students the grammar she put in her presentation originally.

After going back to her desk, Ha-Neul receives another call from Yi-Boon but this time, Ms Park comes to help and hangs up the phone. As they talk, they discuss the course partners getting along together. The episode then ends with Yeon-Woo telling her Yi-Boon was her partner last year and offers her help with how to deal with her.

After just two episodes, Black Dog is already starting to grow on me. The show is still a little slow at times but the characters are quite likeable and seeing Ha-Neul’s evolution has been really interesting so far. I’ve always enjoyed school dramas and this one is definitely heading in the right direction. Poor Ha-Neul doesn’t have an easy life in the school though as her course partner proves to be quite difficult; changing her lesson plans and taking credit for it too.

Black Dog is a bit of a slow burn but one I think many people should enjoy as we see a very determined Ha-Neul trying her best to make a difference for her students.


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