Bittersweet Hell – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Bittersweet Hell begins with a flashback where Young-won does her best to fit in with and be accepted by the Choi family. Sa-gang seems bothered by how much she is liked by Go-myu and Jae-jin.

We jump to the present where Se-na encourages Jae-jin to go back because their plan had failed. Jae-jin refuses but we find him standing outside his house when Young-won speeds up the car with the intention of hitting him, but Jae-jin jumps to the side.

Inside, Jae-jin follows Do-hyun to talk to him while Tae-o explains to Young-won that Do-hyun missed his classes the previous day because he wanted to prepare to introduce his girlfriend to Young-won. Later, Sa-gang, Young-won, and Jae-jin sit down to talk, but Young-won leaves before Jae-jin can explain his reasoning for his ghost surgeries.

The next day, Young-won begins her investigation into Se-na’s background while Se-na visits an orphanage. There, she meets a girl who has been abandoned by her mother and says, “You promised me too that you’d hate those who abandoned you.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Oh searches around the clinic for any lead on Jae-jin’s whereabouts with Kyung-tae. Moon Tae-o appears and tells her that Jae-jin has returned. While talking privately, Tae-o manipulates Dr. Oh into thinking that Jae-jin needs her and that she needs to save him. The next day, Jae-jin throws a feast and invites Dr. Oh, Young-min, and his aunt. He prepares his favorite dishes only to reveal the truth about how his mother forced him to become a surgeon, his ghost surgeries, Young-won’s father’s death, and how Sa-gang planned for Young-won and Jae-jin to get together.

After everybody leaves, Jae-jin packs his clothes and prepares to leave even when Young-won tells him that Se-na is gaslighting him. It’s revealed that Se-na had encouraged Jae-jin to reveal the truth to his family with the objective of crushing Young-won’s faith. Jae-jin proceeds towards the airport with Young-won and Sa-gang hot on his heels.

While waiting at the airport, Se-na never arrives to meet Jae-jin. Instead, she meets with Go-myu’s secretary, who is revealed to be in a relationship with Se-na and has been working with her to get revenge on Young-won. Realizing that Se-na is not going to come, Jae-jin arrives at the clinic to live there.

Young-won arrives at the clinic as well and looks inside Jae-jin’s phone while he spaces out. She determines from Se-na’s text messages that Se-na might be watching the Choi family. This leads her to look for spy cameras in her house, and she is surprised to find them located all over.

Meanwhile, Sa-gang visits Kang-sang, where it’s revealed that Kang-sang has been working with her father for a long time. Sa-gang shares her anxieties over being hated by Jae-jin as she hated her father.

The next day, Kyung-min brings clips of Se-na’s investigation when her third husband died and hypothesizes that she might have killed her family since her statements about their deaths are inconsistent.

Shortly after, she texts Se-na, “Why did you kill your sister you liked so much?” This leads to Se-na panicking and calling Young-won, who is sitting in front of one of Se-na’s spy cameras, officially challenging her.

The Episode Review

Bittersweet Hell has kicked off with a lot of drama as expected. The tussle between Se-na’s elaborate unravelling of the Choi family’s secrets and Young-won’s counterattacks makes the show interesting. From this episode onwards, it seems the strategic battle and the game of hearts between the two have begun, and we cannot wait to see how that pans out.

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