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Episode 10

Episode 10 of Bitter Sweet Hell begins with a flashback showing Sa-gang supporting her family in her own way. She had no malicious intent in sending the wine bottle at Young-won and Jae-jin’s anniversary. She even visited Young-won’s mother, brought her presents, and emphasized the importance of family happiness.

In the present, Sa-gang receives a text and ends up at the vacation house, where a masked figure attacks her. She wakes up with the murder weapon near Secretary An’s body just as Young-won finds them. Sa-gang insists she isn’t the murderer, but both are arrested. Before leaving, the chief detectives and Se-na share glances from a distance.

During the investigation, Sa-gang and Young-won explain their innocence. Young-won is released, but Sa-gang remains in custody as the chief suspect due to evidence at the crime scene. When Young-won visits Sa-gang, Sa-gang reveals her attacker was a man, and Young-won vows to find the truth.

Elsewhere, Tae-o meets with Dr. Oh and suggests that Jae-jin would be free if not for Sa-gang, inciting Dr. Oh against her.

At the Choi household, Jae-jin apologizes to Young-won, and they decide to tackle the current issue together. Young-min and Jae-jin’s aunt arrive, shocked by Sa-gang’s arrest. Kang-sung also learns about the arrest and visits Sa-gang, vowing to find evidence against Se-na.

The police arrive at the Choi residence to interview family members and staff who know Sa-gang personally. Young-won relieves the staff, including Tae-o, of their duties due to the investigation. As Tae-o leaves, he suggests the police interview Dr. Oh, who testifies that Sa-gang is capable of murder.

Jae-jin explains to Young-won his lie about Tae-o. He reveals that he met Tae-o during psychological counseling for his fear of blood and that Tae-o tried to manipulate Do-hyun into thinking his family wouldn’t understand him. Young-won becomes suspicious of Tae-o.

A warrant is issued against Sa-gang due to Dr. Oh’s statements. Young-won visits Sa-gang again, and they resolve to protect their family. Meanwhile, Kang-sung inquires around the vacation house and learns that a man was seen entering the villa on the day of the murder.

Jae-jin, Young-min, and Seung-jae investigate Tae-o’s university and discover that the real Tae-o is someone else. Young-won searches her patient history and finds a case involving a child named Oh Ji-hwan, who had mental issues due to domestic violence.

Team Jae-jin visits the orphanage where Se-na frequently visits and learns that Tae-o, going by the name Thomas, is also a frequent visitor. They discover that Tae-o’s real name is Oh Tae-hwan, realizing that he is the older twin from Young-won’s patient case. Young-won receives a facial composite of the suspicious man near the Choi vacation house, which matches Tae-o, confirming he is the culprit.

The nun informs Se-na about Jae-jin’s visit. Se-na then meets with Tae-o, revealing that they had planned to take down Young-won together. However, Secretary An’s murder was Tae-o’s unilateral decision. Se-na tells Tae-o to flee, and he reluctantly agrees.

Just as Tae-o boards a bus to leave, he receives a message from Do-hyun saying, “You were right. My mom won’t accept me. Come here and save me.” Tae-o, thinking he successfully gaslighted Do-hyun, deboards and heads to the Choi household. The message is revealed to be a trap to lure Tae-o. Meanwhile, Se-na prepares Tae-o’s apartment with evidence to make him the culprit and anonymously tips the police. At the Choi residence, Young-won confronts Tae-o, revealing all his secrets and his real name.

The Episode Review

Another entertaining and thrilling episode! The tension and suspense in this episode keep viewers guessing until the very end. Even after discovering Tae-o’s involvement with Se-na, curiosity about their history persists.

Although Tae-o’s motive for revenge against Young-won is weak and unclear, it doesn’t detract from the plot since viewers are already invested in the antagonists. The cat-and-mouse chase is the main point of interest.

With Tae-o’s cover blown, Se-na quickly distances herself, preparing to make him take the fall for both his and her crimes. Since she’s already tipped off the police, it will be even harder to catch her as the mastermind behind the scheme against the Choi family. Bitter Sweet Hell is moving toward an exciting finale next week!

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