Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Bitch X Rich starts where we left off with the entire school running behind Hye-in. Hye-in finds herself in the art room where she meets Oh Si-eun. The girl asks if Hye-in is okay, since she’s barefoot, and offers a pair of sneakers lying around in the art room. Hye-in thanks Si-eun for the shoes and learns that her photo is all over the school forum because Je-na has ordered a witch hunt for Hye-in.

She waits for the students to calm down while the two chat about Je-na and the rich kids known as the Diamond Club bullying students at school. Hye-in recalls the promise Do-eon had made to help her out when she needed it. She texts him for help but before she can make it safe, the kids circle around Hye-in.

Hye-in threatens to record the students bullying her and report them to the cops, but the kids are unfazed about it. They tell Hye-in that their family will be able to pay off the cops and shut down any investigation. They start closing in on her but Hye-in jumps off the second floor and lands on the ground. Do-eon helps Hye-in from hitting her head on the floor.

On her way back home, Je-na learns from her minions, Yul-hee and Woo-jin that Do-eon had saved Hye-in. She recalls how her father’s mistress had trapped Mr Baek and how Do-eon had been trapped by Hae-in. Je-na is in a pissy mood when she shows up to dinner with Mr Baek and his mistress. She is further annoyed when she learns that her father had proposed to the woman and asked to marry her.

The woman tells Je-na that she was 12 weeks pregnant with Mr Baek’s child and Je-na leaves the restaurant, fuming. At school, Do-eon helps Hye-in and takes her to the rooftop. He helps tend to Hye-in’s wounds and tells her that he was in love with Hae-in. He claims that he was not able to help when she met with an accident but adds that he wanted to help Hye-in.

Hye-in thinks to herself how she wanted to make a lot of money all her life while the girls around her wanted to be like Cinderella. She had finally come to realise that Cinderella became rich because she married the wealthy prince and wonders if she could charm Do-eon into marrying her too.

However, Do-eon asks Hye-in about the accident and wonders if she has seen who pushed her off the roof. Hye-in finally realises that Do-eon was being nice to her because he needed her help and gets up to leave. Do-eon convinces Hye-in to fake date him to ensure that she’s not being bullied by the students. The next day, Hye-in gets out of Do-eon’s car and walks hand in hand with him, leaving all the students shocked.

The girls at school ask Hye-in about her relationship with Do-eon and wonder how a nobody like her had charmed the director’s son. Do-eon’s friend, the other Diamond Club members ask him if he was really dating Hye-in and he asks them to stay away from her. So-mang meets Hye-in in the abandoned women’s room where he asks about her relationship with Do-eon. She runs outside, leaving So-mang with questions.

In class, Hye-in is mobbed by the rich girls who reintroduce themselves to her now that she’s ‘Do-eon’s Girl’ and invite Hye-jin to a sorority party to compensate for practically bullying her on her first day in school. Hye-in tells Sun-joo about the invitation and the latter claims that she should definitely go as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her.

Hye-in agrees to go to the party and borrows a dress from Na-yeon with the promise of getting her into Cheongdam International High the following year. Na-yeon tells Hye-in that she needs to keep the dress safe and return it in the best condition after the party is over. On the night of the party, Sun-joo drops Hye-in off at the luxury restaurant for the party.

However, once she goes inside, Hye-in feels out of place among the other rich girls. She is offered a glass of red wine that she almost spills on her borrowed white gown after the girls start “pushing her by accident”. Just as Je-na enters the party, Hye-jin spills some of the wine on her dress properly this time.

As the episode comes to an end, Hye-jin finally realises that she was trapped in coming to the party only to be bullied by Je-na.

The Episode Review

Ouch, it looks like Hye-in walked into that one. I cannot comprehend the fact that despite her grades, Hye-in is made to be such a ditzy character. It also seems clearly impossible that Na-yeon, the girl that bullied Hye-in, lent her an expensive dress for a sorority party hosted by a school that Na-yeon so desperately wanted to attend but her chances were ruined by none other than Hye-in herself.

While the math is not mathing here, there is no real explanation for the fact that So-mang feels so out of place in this entire drama. What is his story? What is he doing on the show? No one knows. It feels as if there is some chaos between Woo-jin and Yul-hee because she wants to wait until marriage before having sex but Woo-jin clearly does not.

Each episode of this show gets me curious about one thing that most students at Cheongdam seem to have forgotten – the person that pushed Hae-in off the roof.

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