Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Bitch X Rich starts with a prologue of Hye-in talking about Je-na and how she did not lack anything in life. The episode cuts to a clip of Je-na shopping for the exact same luxury shoes that Hye-in had purchased. At the store, Je-na runs into her father’s mistress and fights with her. She slut-shames the woman for sleeping around with a married man.

The woman tells Je-na that she does not care about the money but only wants to be with Mr Baek because she loves him. Je-na mocks her for being a liar since she was shopping at a luxury store with her father’s money. She leaves the store with her manager. The woman asks Je-na to answer her father’s calls but Je-na goes to the restroom by herself.

As she leaves, Hye-in stands right behind her and accuses the girl of stealing the luxury shoes. The two girls start fighting and the altercation ends with Hye-in leaving Je-na’s face with scratches, without her shoes. Hye-in leaves the restroom with Je-na’s shoes, which she believes are the ones she purchased.

At his house, Do-eon takes the contact information of Hye-in from his father’s cabin as she was the charity student who would be joining Cheongdam. Hae-seo almost catches Do-eon but the high schooler lies to his father and gets away. At the same time, So-mang shows up at a nightclub with his face busted from fighting.

Hye-in goes back home that night with her luxury shoes in a plastic bag while Je-na goes to her house barefoot. The next day, Hye-in shows up at Cheongdam International High School wearing her luxury shoes she takes a look around the luxury international school and wonders how she would fit in. Je-na’s friends are making out in their room when Je-na shows up with band-aids on her face.

She is enraged about Hye-in and asks her minions to go look for the girl with the luxury shoes. The same day, So-mang is assigned to give Hye-in a tour around the school but Do-eon steps in and takes Hye-in to the garden. The entire school is shocked that the director’s son and So-mang are both fighting over a girl. Outside, Do-eon asks Hye-in for her mobile number and asks her to reach out to him if she ever got into trouble.

From his KKT profile, Hye-in figures out that the girl in Da-eon’s posts was Kim Hae-in. Hye-in bumps into the same girl who left her a note at the mall. When she gets to her locker, Hae-in finds the pair of shoes that she had purchased in the locker. The shoes have been destroyed while a note sat in the locker reads “Welcome To Hell”.

Hae-in finally realises that the shoes she had fought to get from Je-na were not the ones she had purchased. At the same time, the wealthy students at school start bullying Hae-in for messing with Je-na and tipping her off. Hye-in flees from the students but they all start running after her around the school in order to trap her.

She enters Hee-seo’s cabin and demands answers from him about how the students were bullying her. Hee-seo tells Hye-in that it was her choice to enter the school and he could very well cancel her admission since she was having a hard time. A flashback shows Mr Lee telling Hee-seo that Hye-in had no knowledge about who pushed Hae-in off the roof which had eased his burden.

Present-day, Hye-in complains that Hee-seo was not sympathising with her and taking care of her as his student. Hee-seo tells Hye-in that she had two options – either she could persevere with the bullying that was happening to her or leave the school. Hye-in sneaks out of the school building but runs into Je-na. The two girls butt heads again but all the students rush outside to mob the duo.

Je-na grabs Hye-in by the collar and tells her that she’s Je-na’s prime target because she called it on herself. Hye-in recalls looking up “Baek Je-na” online before joining the school and learning that she was known to be the meanest girl there.

The episode ends with present-day Hye-in headbutting Je-na. She runs away as Je-na suffers a nosebleed while the other students run after Hye-in.

The Episode Review

This episode hooks us back in again because it looks like Si-eun is actually one of the evil characters on the show. She is clearly the same girl who followed Hye-in at the mall and stole her shoes. She is also being kind to Hye-in but I worry that she will have Hye-in end up in a bigger mess in the chapters ahead because she is like a snake, pretending to be Hye-in’s friend.

The boys on this show are clearly just props because the girls are carrying this one. I feel like So-mang actually is falling for Hye-in while Do-eon is clearly in love with Hae-in. It is possible for Do-eon to fall off Hye-in too making it a love triangle but the show is a rather short drama for that to happen.

With five more episodes until the show comes to an end, the pace of the story is finally picking up and I look forward to what the next five episodes have in store for us!

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