Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Bitch X Rich starts with Hee-seo getting a call about the accident in school. Mr Lee tells Hee-seo that the student who fell off the building was not alone and that Hye-in is a witness. Hee-seo claims to take care of her while the episode moves to Hye-in, sitting at the hospital, paranoid after the accident. She is sobbing incessantly as the police interrogate her.

However, when Hye-in is on her way back home from school, Na-yeon’s mother meets her outside and tries to talk her into helping Na-yeon get into school. Hye-in is confused by the proposition but Na-yeon’s mother insists that her daughter should help get into the school as Hye-in is soon going to enter herself.

That day, Hye-in’s father scolds her for rebelling against him and getting into trouble at school. She wards him off and calls back Hee-seo who has been calling her non-stop. Hye-in goes to Cheongdam International High School to meet Hee-seo once again and this time around, Hee-seo offers her a full-ride scholarship into the elite school in exchange for her silence about Hae-in’s accident.

Hae-in is still battling for her life in the ICU while Do-eon looks gloomy in school. He is standing in the same spot where Hae-in had fallen down the roof from where So-mang sees him. So-mang, who is giving another new student a tour around the school, tells her how the social hierarchy in Cheongdam operates.

He tells the girl how Je-na is queen royalty who did not even hesitate to bully the bullies because she is the daughter to one of the school trustees. While Hee-seo himself turns a blind eye to the bullying going on, his son Do-eon is suspicious about Hee-seo admitting a new charity case student into the school after Hae-in’s accident.

Je-na argues with the teacher, eventually leaving the classroom without even apologising to the teacher. At her school, Hye-in’s classmates are shocked to learn that she will be transferring to Cheongdam International High.

That night, after her part-time work, Hye-in tells Sun-joo all about the charity sponsorship and how she can’t wait to turn her life around. Hye-in hides the reason why the school decided to give her a scholarship and treats Sun-joo to a meal to divert the conversation.

The next morning, a custom uniform for the international school is delivered to Hye-in’s house which she tries on. Hye-in goes shopping for new shoes in the same uniform and uses the money she saved up from part-time work to buy the luxury shoes. However, she senses that someone was following her and gets distracted looking around the different branded goods.

A girl in a cap bumps into Hye-in and slips a note into her designer shoe bag. The note accuses Hye-in of killing Hae-in in order to get into Cheongdam International School and she is shocked. She leaves the luxury shoes in the women’s room and runs outside, looking for the girl wearing a cap who bumped into her.

After looking around the mall, Hye-in goes back to the women’s room to collect her shoes and learns that her shoes were stolen. She looks for them everywhere in the room but is surprised to see a girl entering wearing the exact same shoes. Je-na is the one with the shoes, and Hye-in accuses Je-na of stealing them from her. Je-na is surprised at the accusation and mocks Hye-in.

The episode ends with Hye-in pulling Je-na’s hair as she asks the latter to return her luxury shoes.

The Episode Review

It’s absurd that the show is portraying Hye-in to be so ditzy when she is supposed to be smart. It is clear that Je-na is not the shoe thief but for Hye-in to consider that Je-na stole them and hid inside the toilet cubicle, only to come out wearing the shoes that she allegedly stole is actually absurd.

The storyline of this show seems all over the place for now because the makers are trying to show that Je-na could be the person who pushed Hae-in off the roof but we are also made to sympathize with Je-na because of her family situation. She may look like a brat but it is clear that Je-na is hiding a lot of inner turmoil which had made her into a mean girl. I hope the show progresses into something interesting because for now, it looks like a mixture of many different genres.

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