Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 6 “Remember” (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Biohackers Season 2 begins with Mia waking up in the lab after the explosion. Coughing and sputtering, she scrambles across to Jasper, who’s thankfully still alive.

Winter is too – barely – and he weakly calls for her to check his pocket where a keycard happens to be. She also learns that there’s a shaft that will help bring them to safety. Mia is unwilling to leave Winter behind and the pair move him to safety, sounding the alarm on their way out. As they do, they pass a room full of red books.

There’s no time to waste though and the pair scramble up to safety. Stealing Winter’s car they race off to find Lorenz, intent on warning her what the Baron intends to do. While they’re gone, Lotta heads back to the mansion and notices an ambulance race up and suspects the worst.

Lorenz makes it to the meeting spot with the Baron. However, someone happens to be honing in with a sniper rifle from afar. Mia rings her just in time though and prevents her from meeting a grizzly fate.

As Lorenz races away, they head up to the Excellence Center to put a stop to this once and for all. En route, Lorenz rings her lawyer and tells her to make a new deal with the DA; she’s going to leak confidential documents about the illegal experiments Wolfgang has been conducting.

While Lotta wanders through the suspiciously empty lab (honestly, where are the police and forensics?) she finds the red books. Her father eventually shows as we learn that this lab has been in her family for generations.

Wolfgang is convinced that he’s doing the right thing. Tanja’s medication has managed to prevent every disease, with the true key here being Mia. Through her she’s managed to perfect the Homo Deus project. Wolfgang however, is trying to stop this from going ahead. With all diseases cured, the world would rapidly descend into an overpopulated nightmare.

Lotta rings Niklas, who informs her that the whole gang are at the Excellence Center. They all want to help Mia, cracking the code behind the sonication. As Mia is hooked up to the machine, we rewind through time to see exactly what happened to Mia.

She was given an ultimatum by Wolfgang; take the Oblivion serum and forget everything from the past 24 hours or face a more grizzly end. He also promised to get rid of all the experiments if she cooperated. Unable to see any other solution, Mia agreed.

As Mia snaps back to the present, she awakens from her slumber to find Lotta holding a shotgun and Wolfgang there too, ready to take Mia away. She confronts him over his lies though, knowing that he’s financed Homo Deus all this time. In doing so though, Wolfgang admits he’s  been keeping it away from the public’s hands. He didn’t want people to misuse it and singlehandedly attempted to stop the world from becoming overpopulated.

As the pair wrestle for control, Wolfgang and Mia both tumble off the balcony and fall to the ground. Mia lands on Wolfgang and she survives. Better than that, when she awakens in the hospital completely cured and no longer suffering from atrophy thanks to the successful sonication.

Wolfgang is still alive too but he’s in a rough way. Both Uli and Lotta are with him as he pleads with them to do something for the family. However, we don’t see what that is as the blinds are shut and the camera ominously pans out.

Mia meets Lorenz out by a farm some time later where the pair realize they weren’t the ones to orchestrate this meeting. A gunshot ricochets through the air as Lorenz is shot in the stomach. Hiding behind a gravestone, Mia cradles Lorenz.

We then suddenly skip forward to Mia down by the shore as she burns some documents and takes off in a van, ready to leave.

The Episode Review

So who shot Lorenz? How did Mia survive her ordeal in the graveyard? Why is she leaving? And what’s happened to Homo Deus and Oblivion now?

Much like the first season, Biohackers ends things on a frustrating cliffhanger after a season of cliched tropes and half-baked ideas sprung out across six episodes.

We’ve seen amnesia-stricken protagonists so many times through all sorts of mediums and here it’s not exactly handled in an elegant way. Instead, we get a quick explanation that Mia was tricked into working with Wolfgang to progress this Oblivion serum while also working to prevent Homo Deus from getting out.

In a way, Wolfgang is right here and overpopulation would be dreadful for the population. That part is at least a good bit of character motivation but everyone else around Mia has very little to do.

Characters like Uli and Niklas have had very little to do unless the script calls for them to randomly pop up and exude some exposition.

Unlike the viral outbreak on the train hook, the second feels like a step back from what’s come before. The cliffhanger ending does this show absolutely no favours and the story this time around just hasn’t been as interesting. Unfortunately this is not a show to remember and now we wait for the announcement of season 3.

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4 thoughts on “Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 6 “Remember” (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review”

  1. The second season managed to capture my attention as much as the first one. And I would like to believe that it is in fact Uli who shot Lorenz, not Lotta, cause if she really had a good aim (as been told by her bro) that would have been a clean shot straight to the heart (or head)

  2. I thought the earlier comment by Uli about how Lotta was the best shot in their family (second only to their father) made it pretty obvious who shot Lorenz at the end, especially given their father’s urgent, secretive request in the ICU. This season was definitely strange but I wouldn’t call the ending a cliffhanger at all. She’s moving, likely with Chen-Lu and Ole in tow given that their new home was owned by Lotta (or her family at least) so they would no longer be welcome. And how did Mia survive the shooting? Likely due to Lotta’s moral compass, but possibly because she’s wanted alive. Given all the philosophical talk and questioning, it seems plausible.

  3. Disagree! I found this season more interesting and less cliche or chaotic than season 1. Different strokes I guess…. But I think you should be more neutral in your ”verdicts”.

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