Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 5 “Find” Recap & Review


Biohackers Season 2 episode 5 starts with Jasper confronting Wolfgang about what Mia is doing. He also mentions the red notebook too warning that Mia knows what’s up. Unbeknownst to Wolfgang though, Mia happens to be hiding outside. She slips past the lackluster security and finds the secret lab, courtesy of an elevator down.

While she investigates, Lotta starts to suspect something is up and rings Jasper. He predictably ignores the call, instead quizzing Wolfgang about his research.

Downstairs, Mia finds a camera and begins cycling through the different clips. There, she learns about some strange serum called Oblivion. This seems too be an early prototype of what Mia has been infected with, especially if the video of a monkey being experimented on is anything to go by.

Jasper messages Mia, warning her that Wolfgang is about to close in, as it soon becomes clear that Jasper hasn’t defected. All of this was a ploy to distract Wolfgang to buy Mia precious time. Well, it seems to work given she cracks the password into Wolfgang’s laptop.

Sensing her muscles starting to shut down, she facetimes with Lorenz and has her read the research on the laptop and the red book instead.

Outside, Wolfgang and Winter realize what Jasper is doing and knock him out, tying the boy up and dragging him down into the lab. They check his phone and notice calls to Lorenz. Believing that forces are now working against him, the Baron starts looking around for his red book – which Mia obviously has.

Mia happens to be hiding in one of the cupboards nearby too and she stays still while Wolfgang erratically flits about the office, desperate to find his book.

While this is going on there’s some teen angst between Lotta and Niklas. The crux of this revolves around Lotta unwilling to believe her father could be the dastardly villain in all this. When her friends confront Lotta over what they’ve found out, she simply storms out. Instead, she speaks to Uli about what she’s heard.

Meanwhile, Lorenz and Ursula work together to sift through documents in the garage. However, a message from Jasper interrupts her as she’s called to meet immediately.

Back at the lab, Winter looks set the inject Jasper with the serum but Mia jumps in at the last second. Apparently Mia actually consented to using the Oblivion serum, which explains her symptoms. She was convinced that her immune system could fight off the infection and offered herself up willingly. A video of her injecting the serum into her own arm willingly seems to prove as much.

Apparently Mia’s deal is actually with Wolfgang and that involves completing research into Oblivion. She’s unwilling to listen though and instead jumps on Winter, knocking him down. Unfortunately spilled liquid eventually ignites and explodes in Winter’s face, as the penultimate episode comes to a shocking close.

The Episode Review

So Jasper isn’t working with the Baron after all but it does seem like Mia is. Whatever she agreed to prior to these experiments it could well be linked to the safety and livelihood of her friends.

Much like the first season though, the supporting character subplots have been poor and close to non-existent. They’re only really called upon when they’re needed and otherwise prop up each episode with teen angst that adds nothing to this series.

The actual mystery this time around does seem to be driving toward something big but it all rests on whether the finale gives a good pay-off to this story or not. Let’s hope it does rather than leaving things on another dreaded Netflix cliffhanger!

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