Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 4 “Forget” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Biohackers Season 2 begins with Jasper and Mia forced out their car and searched. It’s a brief inspection though, as they’re eventually allowed to go. Well, that was anticlimactic!

Anyway, the pair head back to see Lorenz but she’s not best pleased with their failed operation. Unable to obtain the red book, Mia does learn that the man who kidnapped them is a scientific journalist by the name of Andreas Winter. Mia questions Lorenz over this but she refuses to help.

Jasper and Mia are on their own for now, as they shack up at Jasper’s and wonder what to do next. After some intimate moments together, Mia finds herself dreaming of her past. Specifically fragments of her brother Ben bleed through.

Bolting upright, Mia senses that her memory is slipping away and scrambles to remember what she can, scribbling his name down on her hand. Mia breathes heavily as Jasper calls the hospital for help.

Mia finds herself faced with a more alarming diagnosis when she’s brought in this time. It turns out she’s suffering from a severe case of atrophy. Her life expectancy has taken a huge nosedive and according to him, she only has around 1-2 months left to life.

As Mia checks the brain scans, memories of the past come flooding back. It’s only fragments at this stage but it seems like she may well be able to cure whatever’s wrong with her. This would explain the blackouts and her tattoo of “son.” This seems to be a chemical equation of sorts, with S-O-N pointing toward what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Ole breaks into Lorenz and Winter’s car while they’re out at dinner. There, Lorenz offers some scandalous news regarding Wolfgang and his illegal experiments. With a lot to think about, Winter messages Wolfgang with a simple “Lorenz knows” while Ole slips away after downloading the files he needs from Winter’s car.

Back home, the kids look over the data obtained from Winter’s car and notice numerous trips to Wolfgang’s estate. Specifically though, they notice a separate pin to an enclosed area nearby to the house. Could this be the secret lab?

Just as Mia looks set to elaborate further, she collapses on the floor. It’s her atrophy, of course, and it looks like it’s starting to progress more.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Wolfgang’s estate where he greets a surprise visitor. It’s not Winter – it’s Jasper!

The Episode Review

So it seems like Jasper is in collusion with Wolfgang if that ending is anything to go by. It would certainly be an intriguing twist but that’s just a theory at this point. It’s still unclear exactly what he’s doing there so we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s still unclear how all of this is connected but one thing’s for sure – this conflict just got a whole lot more complicated.

Speaking of which, it seems Wolfgang has used Mia to do his experiments which involves atrophy for reasons unknown. I’m sure this will be revealed over the upcoming episodes – along with the reason for Mia’s amnesia too.

Either way, the ending sets things up for a dramatic couple of episodes to come, although this second season isn’t exactly as enthralling as it could be.

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