Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 3 “Partners” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Biohackers Season 2 begins with the group out for dinner with Wolfgang. While the others try to impress him with their knowledge and ideas, Mia is much more direct. She probes him over the Homo Deus project, which seems to trigger more memories of Mia’s ordeal

As she heads off to the bathroom to compose herself, Uli shows up and tries to kiss her. It turns out he’s the one who was messaging her before.

Mia rejects him though and heads back to the bar, where she breaks the truth about Wolfgang and his connection to Lotta to Jasper. He wants to help though but for now, Mia decides to go it alone.

Mia heads back to see Dr Reuther, who tells Mia that she believes it’s her subconscious mind’s flight response. This would seemingly explain the nose bleeds and constant headaches. Then again given she’s in collusion with Wolfgang and his team, she could well be leaving.

Next, Mia heads off to see Lorenz who reveals what actually happened to her during that unaccounted time. Baron Wolfgang Von Furstenberg financed everything Lorenz did for years. He knows about Homo Deus and the project really worked. They were able to develop a serum to cure illnesses.

He became interested in Mia as the project escalated, with Wolfgang keeping notes of everything in a red notebook. Lorenz tasks Mia with retrieving this book. If she can get it, it should then help them in the future.

Mia starts to distrust Lotta, given who her Father is, and instead decides to use her connection to Uli to her own advantage. She manages to get into Wolfgang’s office too, and although she doe spy the red book, it’s not the right one. With a special event on that night, Mia decides to return later on to grab the book.

That plan immediately goes awry that evening when she fails to find it. However, she does notice all of Reuther’s notes on the table, realizing the neurologist is working with Wolfgang.

Slipping back downstairs, Mia spies the man who actually kidnapped her standing on the other side of the room. As her nose starts bleeding, se takes off with Jasper. Unfortunately they’re Stopped on the way out the estate as Mia’s kidnapper stands poised and ready.

The Episode Review

The midway point of Biohackers season 2 sees Mia desperate to find out what happened to her, turning her attention to Wolfgang for answers. It’s clear he’s the brains behind this whole operation, especially if those notes and various people at the party are anything to go by.

But what is his fascination with Mia? What actually happened between them? And why can’t Mia remember anything? I know the last point can be chalked up to amnesia but it would be nice if there’s a lot more to this than that. Let’s hope the upcoming episodes do dive into this further.

Either way, this second season has turned into more of a mystery than a countdown thriller, with a much slower pace. The ending to this looks set to ramp up the drama though, leaving many question marks hanging over the series.

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