Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 2 “Enemies” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Biohackers Season 2 begins much like the first – with Mia awakening to find everything has changed. She’s in Strasbourg with Niklas, who claims she’s been partying hard and constantly blacking out. While they talk, Jasper arrives to pick her up. Things are awkward, to say the least, as Niklas eventually turns and leaves.

With Mia now thinking straight, she remains determined to find Tanja Lorenz and talk to her about their ordeal in the van. At the lab she finds Monique who simply tells her to keep away from this, escorting Mia out the building.

Doing some research, Mia starts to figure out where Lorenz is hiding out. Ole has been following her on Twitter since news broke of her firing, and she seems to be shacked up in a residential area called Feldstrasse 24.

Mia heads up to see her but things predictably go wrong, especially when Mia bursts into Lorenz’s house. Unfortunately, she’s knocked out for her troubles.

When Mia  awakens, Ursula shows up and the trio end up having a pretty awkward dinner together. When Mia presses Lorenz on what happened after the train, things inevitably take a dark turn. Lorenz demands Mia leave, refusing to help after her work was sabotaged last season.

A pretty nice montage ensues, (an acoustic remix of Father Ocean – Monolink plays in the background for those wondering) as Mia tries to make sense of what’s happening. Her hallucinations only grow more manic and frightening, sending her back to Dr Reuther.

Only, Reuther isn’t as saintly as she may seem, taking Mia’s file after their meeting and placing it precariously in the bin. A strange man shows up not long after and takes it for himself.

Meanwhile, Lorenz receives word back from the DA. She’s looking at 15 years in prison. Despite being promised protection, she’s been betrayed and finds herself trapped.

With nowhere else to turn, she rings Mia and decides to help her. She also reveals who the mastermind behind everything is – Dr Wolfgang Von Furstenberg. As fate would have it, this just so happens to be Lotta’s Father!

The Episode Review

Mia’s visions continue to get worse as she begins questioning everything about this new life she’s stumbled into. It’s clear that Lorenz and Dr Reuther are both hiding things but quite what the extent of that is remains to be seen. One thing’s clear though – Lorenz hasn’t lost her memory and is now actually helping Mia.

It seems like Mia is suffering from an advanced form of amnesia. Her nose bleeds and hallucinations look to be hinting toward something much more serious though.

The impending doom and countdown isn’t here this time, instead replaced by a slower pace and a more mysterious plot. While enjoyable, it does lack the urgency the first season had to save it from mundanity. Let’s hope the rest of the episodes start to pick up a bit.

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