Biohackers – Season 2 Episode 1 “Awake” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Biohackers Season 2 begins with Mia awakening to find herself in the lab, months later during the middle of January. She’s disorientated and confused; something is clearly not right.

This is only reinforced further when she heads back to her dorm. Instead of her friends, she finds a bunch of painters renovating the place. A high-pitched ringing catches her off-guard, as she doubles over and clutches her head. To compound this mystery further, the lock code on her phone is different and Niklas has rejected Mia after she’s chosen Jasper. It’s all too much for Mia to handle and she begins bleeding from the nose, collapsing on the floor.

Inevitably she’s taken to see the doctors, where a number of tests are conducted to make sure she’s okay. While she’s in the MRI machine, she notices the word “Son” tattooed on her arm next to a scar. The mysteries continue to escalate, especially when Mia learns there’s nothing wrong with her – at least medically.

Heading back home, Mia is reunited with her friends, Lotte, Ole and Chen-Lu. Apparently she’s been in quarantine all this time, and there’s even messages telling Ole and the gang not to worry if she’s not there for a while.

The news seems to confirm this as well, with Professor Tanja Lorenz removed from her position and apparently defeated. Something still doesn’t add up though. Determined to get answers, Chen-Lu takes Mia to see a neurologist called Dr Reuther. She believes Mia may be suffering from PTSD and intentionally withholding her memories from what happened.

With Jasper, she tries to recall what happened that day. Specifically she uses a number of visual triggers, revisiting familiar areas like the park and the back of a van. Eventually a newspaper clipping of Lorenz jogs her memory, as Mia remembers she wasn’t alone in her kidnapping.

In the middle of the night Mia receives a message from an unknown number, asking for a selfie and bidding her goodnight. Mia panics, rushing into the bathroom where memories of the past start to bleed through.

The Episode Review

Biohackers returns for an intriguing opening episode, one that sees Mia unaware of what’s happening around her and a big chunk of her memory gone. Since her abduction and waking up in the lab, there’s an awful lot unaccounted for here. What happened to Mia?

This looks like it’s going to be the driving force for this second season, with this contrived and overplayed amnesia trope pushed to the foreground of this series. Despite that, the mystery is good enough to stick with for the time being. Whether we’ll get some solid answers across this season remains to be seen but Biohackers does get off to a decent start.

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