Biohackers – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


The Real Emma Engels

Episode 5 of Biohackers begins with Mia admitting the truth to Lorenz. Her real name is actually Emma Engels. Clearly sceptical, Lorenz summons Mia to join her in the lab to back that up with evidence.

Elsewhere, Niklas and Jasper discuss Mia’s lying and her fake persona. Jasper’s convinced that Mia wants to destroy the research. Niklas, sensing this could cause problems, texts and phones Mia but struggles to get through to her.

After doing her research, Lorenz realizes that Mia really is Emma Engels. Project Homo Deus was a success but Lorenz is clearly rattled given what this means for their future.

Instead of Mia’s previous rage however, this subsides to more straightforward admiration as she thanks Lorenz for curing her and helping Ben live longer.

This is, of course, a massive 180 from her earlier vengeance-fueled mission. As she leaves the house, Mia struggles to regain her composure as she phones Niklas asking to meet.

There, she explains her sudden change of heart. Given the Homo Deus project cured her, she’s hoping to uncover exactly what Lorenz did so she can track down and find the others in the database.

An Unexpected Romance

With samples kept in the Excellence Centre nearby, this seems to be the only chance she has to find them. As they talk, it suddenly turns into more as Mia kisses Niklas and the pair wind up sleeping together.

In the morning, Niklas reveals that he feels guilty for hooking up, especially given what’s going on between Jasper and her. In the morning, Lotta immediately stirs things up by congratulating Mia for having sex with Niklas. Well this is awkward.

Thankfully, Ole’s body hacks (this time a magnetic implant) is enough to send everyone rushing away.

Mia joins Lorenz in the lab as they start looking through her DNA. While they do, Jasper goes looking for Niklas but struggles to find him. However, he does find the train tickets to Basel.

Unfortunately he also finds the text messages between Mia and him too and hurries off to tell Lorenz.

The Research

She’s too pre-occupied with Mia though. It turns out she has the best immune system Lorenz has ever seen. When Jasper arrives at the door though, he shows Lorenz the train ticket to Basel. On the back of this, she blocks access to Mia’s key-card.

Mia overhears this though and immediately sets to work copying the files across to the USB drive before Lorenz can find out. With the files finally copies, Mia hurries out the house.

Urgently racing away, she phones Niklas and tells him to meet her at the centre. Only, he has bigger fish to fry when Jasper shows up at his door and confronts him. This confrontation leads to fighting but eventually Niklas manages to knock him out and scramble free.

A Surprisingly Easy Break-In

Niklas and Mia head to the centre and use her key-card to sneak in. Using an earlier code deciphered by Chen-Lu, she heads down the numerous refrigerators and snatches up the DNA samples. Only, the alarms go off just as they do, forcing them to hurry.

Thankfully, no security come near them on the way out and they manage to get away from the Excellence Centre scot-free.

Jasper however, is on the case to track down and get the research back. This catches us up to the incident on the train, which ends with the entire train coming to a rather abrupt stop.

The Episode Review

Where did that romance between Niklas and Mia come from? Out of all the drama this season, I think this romance is probably the biggest shocker.

There’s no indication this is where the series was going and it feels like a cheap way to drum up tension and give Jasper a motivation to go after Mia.

Character motivations in general here are wobbly at best. Mia no longer being angry feels really under-developed and that’s before even mentioning the plot contrivances.

Given Lorenz told Monique to disable Mia’s key-card, how was she able to break into the facility? And even when she does break in, the alarms going on doesn’t prompt any security guards to go near them. They were able to break in and break out without anyone batting an eye-lid.

With the finale up next one thing’s for sure – Biohackers has not been a series to remember unfortunately.

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