Biohackers – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Whispers In The Dark

Episode 2 of Biohackers begins in the past as we see Mia overhearing a conversation between Lorenz and her Father. This heated discussion ends with her furious Father telling Lorenz to get out. This seems to be the reason she’s so obsessed with her. For now though, we’re left to tantalizingly chew over this for the rest of the episode.

Back in the present, Mia awakens to find Ole in the bath testing a new body hack that allows him to hold his breath underwater. After berating the kid for being so stupid, she joins Chen-Lu and Lotta in campus. They talk about Jasper and Niklas before the former arrives to speak to Mia about their eventful night

The lectures begin just as before and Mia’s name is immediately read out. She’s used as an example to show that the students need to think outside the box. After dismissing the rest of class, Mia seizes her opportunity and follows the Professor, desperate to be her assistant for the upcoming clinical trials.

Phase 1 – Complete

After finally being accepted, Mia breaks the good news to the others who congratulate her. However, there’s a dark secret to all of this as to why she wants to get involved.

As we see in the past, her car was hit on the road and someone – presumably Lorenz – snatched up her Father’s research and left them for dead.

Back in the present, Mia receives a text from an anonymous number asking if she has new information. It’s here we see she’s obviously working for someone and is operating undercover. The real question here though is quite who she’s working for.

For now, she keeps this a secret as she heads in and works with Lorenz. There, she learns that the woman has been keeping all of her patients’ DNA in cold storage since she started. That also means she has one of Mia’s from when she was a child too.

Realizing this could be problematic going forward, she snatches up a vial when Lorenz isn’t looking and leaves.

Back at her apartment, she spots Ole surgically operating on himself “for his followers.” When he starts profusely bleeding,  it prompts Mia to race forward and help stitch him up. In exchange, she takes his underwater pills for the trip down to the lake with Niklas and Jasper.

The Ol’ DNA Switcheroo

Once there, Mia kisses Jasper while tellingly not taking the underwater pills herself. As the night draws in, Lotta throwing up is incentive enough for Mia to take her leave. It’s just the opportunity she needs to take Lotta’s swab and use that to pass off as her own DNA.

It works too and after some seriously suspect and clumsy drink spilling at the lab, Mia manages to switch the samples over. For now, Jasper clearly suspects something given the label is on round the wrong way but keeps this to himself. The tests for Lorenz come back fine and Mia is called into the office to discuss this. Save for the obvious omission of freckles in the DNA, Lorenz agrees to let her be part of the team.

With a key-card in hand, Mia smiles gleefully as it seems part 1 of her test is done. As the camera pans across to the Archive, it seems what she wants is inside there.

The Episode Review

As the plot thickens, it seems like Mia’s plan is easier than she initially thought which is funny because Mia is about as stealthy as a bull in a china shop. How anyone hasn’t figured her out yet is beyond me. Still, the biggest problem here comes from the lack of depth to the supporting characters. Ole, Chen-Lu and Lotta so far have very little to work with but hopefully this changes going forward.

With more fragments of the past coming to fruition, it seems like Mia’s entire plan is driven by that of revenge and finding out what happened to her brother. With her now granted access to the lab, it looks like we may finally get some answers going forward.

For now though, episode 2 deepens the mystery but doesn’t do enough to deepen the characters.

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