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The Bio-Hacking Squad

Biohackers is the latest sci-fi drama on Netflix. With a whole array of characters, we break down exactly who they all are and how they slot into the main story.

Of course, everything here is completely spoiler-free too.

Mia (Luna Wedler)

A bright medical student who arrives on campus, Mia is the main character we follow across the 6 episodes. She’s desperate to get into Tanja Lorenz’s good books and become her assistant. She excels in her classes and makes friends easily. However, she also has a dark past which involves her brother’s death.

Niklas (Thomas Prenn)

Niklas is Jasper’s roommate and someone who becomes central to the plot late on. The first time we see him is on the train with Mia during episode 1’s prologue. From here, it actually takes a good 3 episodes or so before we see why he becomes so integral to the plot.

Ole (Sebastian Doppelbauer)

Ole serves as the comic relief of the series. He’s a body-hack geek and intent on growing his online followers. He aspires to be great like fellow student Double Helix and winds up involved in a romance late on.

Lotta (Caro Cult)

Lotta is Mia’s fun-loving and free-spirited room-mate. The first time we see her she turns up topless – reinforcing her care-free personality – and eventually becomes part of Mia’s close circle of friends.

Jasper (Adrian Tillmann)

Jasper is Tanja Lorenz’s personal assistant. Despite falling asleep through her lectures, this guy has a brilliant mind. He also has an agenda of his own as we see him cooking up something special in his own personal lab.

Chen-Lu (Jing Xiang)

Perhaps more machine than man, Chen-Lu is another friend to Mia whom we see excitedly chatting about gene splicing and the Matrix early on in the show. She’s incredibly smart and ultimately helps Mia out of more than one difficult situation.

Dr. Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz)

The brilliant Dr Lorenz is a whiz at gene splicing and intent on healing thousands of people with her ground-breaking research. Quite what the side effects will be for this remains to be seen. However, she does become integral to the plot and mysteriously slots into Mia’s past.

So there we have it, that’s our list of the main characters that show up in Biohackers Season 1. There are more supporting characters of course, including a few late in the game, but these are the main ones we follow across the 6 episodes.

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