Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Spot The Double Agent

Episode 14 of Big Mouth picks back up at Chairman Kang’s office, where Choi Do-ha, Gong Ji-hoon and Chang-ho are all present. Chang-ho introduces himself to Chairman Kang and spins a tale about how the new Big Mouse has held his family hostage and is blackmailing him to get closer to Chairman Kang. The result of this would see Big Mouse gain an opportunity to kill him.

He reveals Big Mouse knows about the secret lab and NK Chemicals. He even gives them a list of executives from Big Mouse’s organization. Chang-ho asks the Chairman to make him mayor so he can get rid of all these criminals from the root.

As a double agent, Chang-ho will then look for the identity of the new Big Mouse. Chairman Kang isn’t sure whether to accept him but then invites him and his wife to his 85th birthday party.

As they leave, Chang-ho tells Ji-hoon that his money was not stolen by Big Mouse. In fact, it’s probably a lot closer to him than he thinks.

Mi-ho visits the death row inmate in prison. He asks her if she is feeling okay and if she’s noticed any nosebleeds or bleeding in the gums. She asks him to explain what work they do but he refuses to tell her for her own safety. He asks her to check on his mother and see if she got her bone marrow transplant.

Mi-ho and her father get in touch with his brother and sister but they don’t want anything to do with them. The sister reveals that the mother passed away.

As Chang-ho arrives at Chairman Yang’s new restaurant. Choi Do-ha’s secretary, who had followed Chang-ho, takes photos of him entering the restaurant as Park Yoon-gab and some others bow to him.

Later, Do-ha sets up a meeting with Yoon-gab and entices him to kill Chang-ho in exchange for Do-ha’s lifelong support as a politician. He shows the list of Big Mouse members Chang-ho gave, as proof of Chang-ho’s betrayal.

Mi-ho and her father visit the old man in the nursing home and ask him to identify the children in the photo he has. He tells them that his grandson, Do-ha, died. The other boy was named Cho Sung-hyun. They realise this boy was Mayor Choi Do-ha, who took on the other boy’s identity in order to get closer to Chairman Kang and get revenge.

At Chairman Kang’s office, his secretary tells him his son has sent him a birthday gift. Kang orders him to throw it away. A flashback shows us a woman’s dead body and some eerie paintings scattered around a room. He tells his secretary to make sure his son, a murderer, is not allowed in Korea even after Chairman Kang’s death.

Chang-ho instructs Yoon-gab to get the old man out of the nursing home. Jerry suspects his intentions and follows him but gets caught by his men, who stuff him into the trunk of a car.

Getting ready for the party, Chang-ho tells Mi-ho to go ahead without him.

At the party, Mi-ho arrives and is greeted by Gong Ji-hoon. When Chairman Kang arrives, she is introduced to him and seems to make a favourable impression. Mayor Choi gets a call and goes to a different room where his secretary has set up a call with Yoon-gab. On a video call, Yoon-gab shoots Chang-ho in the chest as the mayor enjoys a glass of wine. Jerry, who managed to escape the car, sees Chang-ho being shot.

As the party is dispersing Mi-ho gets a call from Jerry who tells her Chang-ho is dead. Distraught, she shouts and hits Do-ha, who simply leaves. She then collapses from the shock.

Do-ha heads to the place where Yoon-gab shot Chang-ho. He asks to see the body, that Yoon-gab says is already incinerated. As they talk, Yoon-gab reveals he knows that Do-ha is actually Cho Sung-hyun. A camera recording this conversation relays the video straight to Chairman Kang and Chang-ho (alive!). After they watch the video, the chairman tells Chang-ho he will get everything he wants.

Chang-ho arrives at a hospital where Mi-ho has been admitted. He apologizes to her and tells her how he planned the whole thing with Yoon-gab.

Later, Chairman Kang is outside his house, being pushed in his wheelchair by his secretary.  He begins talking about Hae-soo and how his death is one of his only regrets. Somebody takes over from the secretary, pushing the wheelchair without the chairman realising. It is Choi Do-ha, who reveals himself and says it is too late to ask for forgiveness. The chairman then begins to get chest pains. The substance in his IV is not just plain saline water. In another few seconds, the chairman dies. Do-ha and his secretary take the chairman inside the house where Do-ha gives the secretary his payment.

As the Big Mouse company eat food at Chairman Yang’s restaurant, they get news about Chairman Kang’s death.

At the funeral, Gong Ji-hoon is riled up when he sees that Choi Do-ha is the chief mourner.  Chang-ho arrives, to Do-ha’s shock, and tells him that he knows Do-ha was behind the chairman’s death. He says he will show the world how evil Do-ha is.

The episode ends with Mi-ho, who finds blood on her toothbrush and then gets a nosebleed.

The Episode Review

Another thrilling episode! Big Mouse continues to be a fun ride even as we reach the end. Although, I speak for everybody when I say if anything happens to Mi-ho, we will riot. She has so far been an amazingly written character — feisty, inquisitive and still full of heart. This episode did put her a little on the backtrack, but hopefully, this is a one-time thing.

While Chairman Kang’s death does come about as a rightful act of revenge, it makes me wonder what end goal the show is striving towards. Now that the Big Bad is dead, is Choi Do-ha the main villain? But how does this tie in with Chang-ho trying to fulfil Noh Park’s dying wish? And why did Do-ha choose now to kill him? Lots of questions and only two episodes to have them answered.

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