Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation (2024) Movie Review – A fun animated movie that’s (literally) out of this world

A fun animated movie that’s (literally) out of this world

For those not in the know, the Big City Green television series centres around the Green family who have moved to the big city after losing their country farm. It’s a popular show that is as fun to watch for adults as it is for kids, with a wacky sense of humour and a loveable cast of characters. 

This spin-off movie continues the family’s adventures and begins with Bill Green (the dad) letting his family know of his plans for the annual summer vacation. Cricket, his son, is excited at the prospect but his excitement quickly wanes when he discovers his dad wants to take them on the same road trip they took the previous year. 

As you can gather from the movie’s title, Bill’s vacation plans do not go as planned. When the farming family meet the CEO of a big tech company who wants to send them into space to harvest crops on an asteroid, Cricket is over the moon (not literally) about the idea. Understandably, Bill is concerned about his family’s safety so declines the offer, but Cricket manages to trick them all into going into space anyway. 

After blasting off into the stars on the SS Gwendoline, they meet Commander Colleen whose job it is to keep an eye on them. She’s no fun, of course, so Cricket and his sister Tilly decide to cryogenically freeze her. But without an experienced space pilot on board the rocket, the family’s lives are put in danger. Dad gets sucked out of the airlock, they fly into a ‘trashteroid’ (trash that has been rocketed into space), and come face to face with a group of killer farming robots who have been accidentally set to ‘harm’ instead of ‘farm.’

It’s not only the Green family who are in danger of obliteration. Towards the end of the movie, the Earth is threatened by an oncoming asteroid that promises global extinction. It’s up to Cricket and co to save the day but not before singing a few musical numbers and coming to terms with what it means to be a family.

The Green’s out-of-this-world adventure is a lot of fun, with some great visual gags and a script packed with hilarious one-liners. The movie is very silly but it’s big-hearted too, with some touching scenes between Cricket and his dad who find a way to reconnect with one another after their father-son relationship becomes strained.

With a plotline that advocates the need for quality family time and the importance of expressing one’s emotions, there’s more to Spacecation than slapstick in space. The movie’s themes, combined with the bright and colourful animation and show-stopping musical numbers, make this a delightful watch for young and old alike. It’s available on Disney+ right now, so is worth seeing, especially if you’re already a fan of the crazy but somehow relatable Green family. 

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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