Bigbug (2022) Ending Explained – Do Alice and the family survive the robots?

Big Bug Plot Synopsis

Set in 2045, this imagined future sees artificial intelligence has fully taken over. Humanity relies on it to satisfy every need.

In a quiet residential area, Alice and her boyfriend Max settle in to spend the day together with Alice’s son Leo. Soon though, her ex-husband Victor, his partner Jennifer and the former couple’s daughter Nina, show up and cause havoc.

If that wasn’t enough, Alice’s neighbour Francoise appears too, desperate to find her pet dog Tobey.

With the four domestic robots watching on, a larger threat of a robot uprising outside sees them take drastic measures, locking their masters inside until everything calms down.

Why did the androids initiate a lockdown?

Once the androids initiate the lockdown, our group of misfits become increasingly agitated and angsty. With all of them trapped inside, the situation is made worse by the cooling system being turned off.

It turns out an AI system known as Yonyx is on the rampage. This is the leading android presence in the world, and has sparked an uprising, intending to replace humans by eliminating and enslaving them. Alice’s androids have initiated the lockdown in order to protect their human masters.

Throughout the night though, Victor leads to the group to try and trick the androids into letting them out, even attempting (and failing) to drive an autonomous car into the house to break them free.

While this is going on, the androids question their own programming, attempting to become more human-like by developing a sense of humour and even trying to become sexier. Unfortunately, all of this is undermined by Jennifer, who sends a message to Yonyx Headquarters. When a Yonyx robot arrives and holds everyone hostage (including the androids), everything takes a turn for the worst.

Are the Yonyx defeated?

With the Yonyx robot holding everyone hostage, it’s revealed that the humans have actually violated a number of different regulations and codes of ethics. The humans are given a choice – either die or become slaves for the Yonyx. However, Victor devises a plan to thwart this robot and escape the house.

Earlier on, this Yonyx was actually visually impaired, thanks in part to some ingenuity on the part of the androids and humans. Using a mirror to blast back its own laser eyebeam, the visual system of the Yonyx was fried.

Using this to their advantage, Victor turns off the robot’s thermal systems, allowing Leo to immobilize it. Nina electrocutes the Yonyx, subsequently frying its mainframe and allowing the group to escape the house. In frying the mainframe, the security system is disconnected, hence why the doors open.

However, a rabble of Yonyx robots arrive to execute the humans, having found out about their brethren being killed. Thankfully, executioner drones show too, and eliminate all of the Yonyx. By chance, it turns out the Yonyx’s own efficiency was actually its undoing.

At their headquarters, a bug in the system resulted in the robots making themselves the target, deleting the most wanted suspects (Alice and the group) and wiping themselves out in one fell swoop. This is, of course, a riff on the mistakes we as humans make and the ever-closing gap between man and machine.

How does Big Bug end?

With the robot threat thwarted for now, Leo and Nina work together and repair Tom, the little robot destroyed while protecting Francoise earlier in the film. The androids also receive a new update, which grants them power over their emotions, allowing them to finally become more human.

The finals scenes of the movie see the group up to old tricks, but with a slightly more positive outlook over the future regarding humans and machines working together.



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