Big Bet – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Sugarcane Field Murder

Episode 7 of Big Bet starts with Ms Ko winning big at the casino. In fact, she manages to take a cool two million pesos. Moo-sik and the others are there to oversee this big win, with Ko deciding to transfer to her account. Moo-sik takes this hard but he smiles thinly while watching it take place.

Meanwhile, Seung-hoon deliberates over the footage and sends it over via email, just in case there is any evidence of foul play.

Out in the sugarcane fields, police find evidence of two bodies having been murdered along with a rather large knife. It would appear that the victims were bound and shot to death, so Seung-hoon is sent some images to determine whether the victims are Chinese or Korean.

Moo-sik naturally shows up to take a look too, as Mark (the guy in charge of the investigation) reveals the knife and shows them the crime scene. Moo-sik checks out the area with Jungpal, trying to work out exactly what it all means.

Seung-hoon soon deduces that the victims were Korean and had only recently arrived in the Philippines. Mark is encouraged to check the traffic cams (which he hasn’t done yet) while Hoon is tasked with checking out Korea Town for intel. All fingers seem to point to Charlie, a name we heard Moo-sik discussing earlier.

While Moo-sik goes on the hunt, Sang-gu rings and reveals that he’s at Contana. He’s found out there’s 30 million pesos in Charlie’s account. Moosik tells him to freeze the account and deliberates over where the rest of the money could be.

Moo-sik finds evidence of the house having been broken into but there are bigger problems afoot. So-jung can’t be reached. She’s taken Ms Ko’s money and run. Given she’s one of Moo-sik’s employees, working at the hotel, Ms Ko is not happy as he tries to weasel out of this, claiming the hotel staff are different to that of the casino and as such, it’s not his jurisdiction.

Moo-sik goes on the hunt for So-jung, who decides she wants to head back to Korea. She has the money and intends to get her mother discharged, using the money she’s stolen to build a nice home for them to live together. She phones her mother that night to let her know, revealing that she’ll be over the following day.

Meanwhile, Seung-hoon has done his homework and realizes Kyung-young is a suspicious character in all this. It would seem like this wasn’t just a one man job ether. It could well be that he’s working in collusion with Charlie. Mark reminds him that the judge will require hard evidence for them to get an arrest warrant outside Korea.

Mark speaks to Hoon, revealing that Moo-sik stopped by the crime scene and seemed to know what was happening. This piques his interest, as he tries to work out what his connection to all of this is.

Chief Shim is on hand too and he rubs Moo-sik up the wrong way, later forced to apologize for his actions. Eventually the two groups work together to try and find out how everything is connected. Moo-sik has a whole theory ready to go, using tools and trinkets from around the house he visited earlier. Moo-sik also suggests the police help fund his “investigation” given it cost him money heading out.

So-jun heads off to get the stolen money transferred across to won and shipped to Korea. Although the guy is taken aback by the 400 million peso amount, he eventually agrees to get it done in the next couple of hours, especially given the generous commission he’s offered.

It’s touch and go for a while, especially in the heart of Manila.Philip catches up with her first and urges her to give over the car key and leave. He warns her that she’s n deep trouble and if she doesn’t apologize, things could go sour. Well, they do immediately. A man shows up with a motorcycle helmet on and a police bike. He sprays So-jung and Philip with bullets and takes off with the money, leaving Sang-gu showed and unsure what to do.

The Episode Review

Big Bet returns with a dramatic episode, one that changes the landscape of our characters and sets up a very big showdown in the final episode next week. So far the show has done a pretty good job depicting a crime-riddled world full of shady characters and scheming gangsters.

So-jung’s decision to take off with the money is almost certainly going to have bigger ramifications beyond her and Philip’s death.

With the pair of them now dead, the situation involving the police and Seung-hoon, not to mention Moo-jin trying to keep everything in check, is likely to have far-flung ramifications in the future. Next week’s finale should be quite the dramatic watch!

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