BH90210 – Season 1 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Long Wait

The Season 1 finale of BH90210 comes to a close on a tantalizing note, with fans already petitioning for a second season following the cliffhanger ending. With more quirky comedy and some good drama along the way, BH90210 closes out as it opens, with another good episode.

This week’s episode begins with another dream sequence, with Ian meeting a younger version of himself in the pitch pit. He gives him some words of advice for the future and after waking up, Ian heads to the wrap party for the pilot. Christine arrives and explains that they’re still waiting to see if the show will get picked up by Fox. She then tells them that The OC is also doing a reboot and is getting a lot more buzz thanks to Mischa Barton making a comeback.

During the party, we catch up with all the different characters. Tori and Jenny find out that the girl Gabrielle has been seeing is Christine Elise but tells them she is not sure what will happen as she doesn’t want to end her marriage. Meanwhile, Ian confides in Brian about his interest in Anna. Unfortunately, unlike him she is not ready to settle down with anyone. Tori is also desperate for the show to be picked up due to her debt spiraling out of control.

The next day, Shay reveals to Brian that she hired a private investigator and, thanks to a DNA test, has found out that Zach is not his son. Brian gets angry at her interference and this creates an even bigger divide in their relationship.

The test audience results for the pilot are in and as the cast read the comments, they are not happy as they’re not all positive. Later on, they all meet at a Pitch Pit pop up party where they meet and greet fans to create some buzz around the reboot. After Tori and Brian discuss their similar marital problems, Brian confronts Zach about the latest development. However, the latter acts like he had no idea, insisting that his mum was adamant Brian is his father.

Jason and Camille are away on holiday to see if they can make their marriage work. After spending a couple of days together, Camille realizes that it’s not going to work and breaks things off. Meanwhile, things are getting a little too serious for Jenny when Wyatt reveals that he had her initials tattooed on his chest. However it’s not all bad news, as the cast finally finds out that Fox have picked up the reboot. They then travel to New York for the launch of the show.

Once there, Brian talks to Zach and tells him that he’s going to be there for him. Gabrielle tries to talk things through with her husband, but he’s not sure how long he will be able to wait for her. Jenny and Brian reveal to each other that they are now single and Ian rekindles with an old flame, Denise. However, he later finds out that she’s Anna’s mother.

Meanwhile, Brian and Tori have another heart to heart and grow close to each other, realizing that they maybe should have married someone else. Christine arrives and warns the group of some changes; the pilot has to be re-shot, Kyle will not be in the episode and because of budget issues, they will be filming it in Canada. The worst news is saved for last, as they learn one of the cast members will be getting the axe. The show then ends with them making their way to the stage ready for the launch party.

The finale of BH90210 ended as I predicted, with many unresolved plot points but also a big cliffhanger. Who is going to be fired? My money’s on Shannen, especially as she’s the highest paid actress in the show.

The last episode of the revival did manage to move many of the stories forward though. Jenny and Brian, now both single, could finally be getting an off-screen romance while Tori and Brian also seemed to be very cosy at the end of the episode. Ian’s life could get quite complicated as both women he’s seeing are Mother and Daughter, while Gabrielle’s marriage is hanging on by a thread. All in all, if this one’s renewed for a second season, there’s certainly plenty of fuel for the fire.

BH90210 has overall been quite entertaining to watch. It may not be for everyone, especially for newcomers as the humour relies greatly on the original show. Whether we get a second season though, remains to be seen but in the meantime, fans of the original should find plenty of nostalgia and drama to enjoy this revival.


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