BH90210 – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Secrets Revealed

This week’s episode opens with the same familiar setting as before – a dream in the Peach Pit. This time, Gabrielle sees herself being bullied by the three girls and Christine serving her. As we snap back to reality, Gabrielle meets with Christine for what she thinks is their first date but awkwardly finds out that she only meant to meet her as a friend.

Meanwhile, Shay finds out that one of her unfinished songs has been leaked and her fans are not happy with it. The song doesn’t sound good because Shay’s songs are usually heavily auto-tuned which leads her to wonder who could have leaked her song, suspecting Zach.

Ian continues to clash with the new writer Anna, before heading to the first official table read. The group isn’t happy about all the changes implemented to the new script, so they agree to meet later to try fixing it. The evening arrives and Anna doesn’t agree with their new suggestions so she decides to leave. Christine then warns them to come up with a solution as they start shooting the following day. This leads Ian to head off and find Anna, telling her that they have decided to write the script themselves.

As they struggle to write, Gabrielle has a heart to heart with the rest of the group and some of the tension from earlier is alleviated. Shannen arrives after, but becomes overwhelmed seeing and hearing about the stalker’s threat. She later tells the girls she’s not sure she wants to do the reboot and decides to think about it.

Tori goes to see Christine after and tells her that Shannen might not be doing the reboot after all. Christine replies that she’d better convince her to participate, but also reveals that Shannen is being paid twice the amount of the others. The four girls meet to discuss the situation and after reminiscing about the past and their former rivalry, they finally manage to sort out all their issues and team up to fix the script.

The next day, Anna arrives with a new script and they have another table read, where they all agree that the writing is decent and they’re finally ready to shoot. Shay tells Brian soon after she hired a private investigator, who has found the culprit of the leak but it wasn’t Zach. However, the PI has uncovered some truth about him: a picture of his flat with a pin-board full of information on the actors, and Brian’s wallet on the desk. This prompts Brian to go to Zach’s flat to confront him, where he reveals that he did it to get to know him. It’s here he reveals a bombshell announcement – he’s actually his son.

Meanwhile, things are changing for some of the cast, including Gabrielle who finally takes the plunge and kisses Christine. Jenny has a date with Wyatt while Tori realises she’s starting to have feelings for Brian. The episode then ends with the group heading to their first day of shooting. As they arrive on set, they see graffiti on the door that reads: “Stop Acting Like I’m Not Even Here”. As the door opens, we see the set on fire.

This week’s episode brings a nice little twist with the revelation that Zach is Brian’s son and the fact that he might not be the stalker after all. Could it be one of the old cast members that we haven’t seen yet? This definitely adds some much-needed suspense which was sorely lacking in the last episode. Knowing all the rumours about Shannen and the girls not getting on during the original show, it’s quite refreshing to see the actresses making fun of it during this week’s episode. All those little hints at their actual lives, mixed with the dramatized version of it, work quite well and make for a pretty entertaining watch.

The cast continues having great chemistry and that’s really what makes this series worth watching. With just two episodes left, it’ll be interesting to see where BH90210 will go with the new plot twist, and if it will leave things open for another season. There’s certainly room for more though as two episodes don’t feel quite enough to properly flesh out all the different story arcs for all the actors.


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