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Episode 8 of Beyond Evil begins with Jin-Mook being taken to the police station. Only, the road to arrest him has been anything but easy. Joo-Won handcuffs himself to Dong-Sik until the latter finally reveals Jin-Mook is the one responsible.

In the wake of our killer being taken away, Joo-Won is approached by a woman claiming to be Bang Ju-Seon’s sister. She frantically asks him about the fingers but Joo-Won doesn’t have ay answers.

In the morning, the Superintendent watches the news carefully and decides to interfere with the investigation. Specifically, he wants him transferred across to his jurisdiction.

Kwon Hyeok shows up and reveals that the bodies they’ve found were both choked out which seems to link to being the same killer. The body out in the reed fields is definitely confirmed to be Geum-Hwa too and for now, they decide to set out and protect Joo-Won as best they can.

Well, Dong-Sik isn’t protected, especially when he finds out these girls may well have been killed by suffocation and major organ failure. Jin-Mook buried his victims underground in bags so they slowly died. Eventually Jin-Mook gives up the location of Min-Jung, who’s brought to the station and cremated. Ji-Hoon is beside himself with grief and eventually collapses on the ground in shock.

Jin-Mook requests to speak to Dong-Sik personally, bringing this angry officer back into the interrogation room. He completely ignores Jin-Mook though, focusing on the computer, especially given they need to type and follow Korean laws.

As Dong-Sik starts to load up the report, Jin-Mook claims that Min-Jung was a noisy wench and he had enough. Now we cut back in time and see him choking out all of his victims.

Dong-Sik eventually turns the tables and asks about Jin-Mook’s past. Specifically, how Min-Jung wasn’t actually his real daughter. Flashes from the past come back as Min-Jung decides to get a paternity test. This causes Jin-Mook to launch himself across the table and straight at Dong-Sik’s throat.

Joo-Won is shocked and eventually decides to book a period of absence. At the same time, Jung-Je draws his deer at home on the sketch pad. While he does, his Mother shows and suggests he draw Min-Jung. After a big fight with his Mother, Jung-Je does receive some good news from Jae-Yi, who phones and congratulates him for his good work.

Joo-Won catches up with Dong-Sik and questions his attitude. He especially wants to know why he wasn’t enraged after what happened.

Dong-Sik shrugs it off though and claims being angry doesn’t get you anywhere. Eventually Joo-Won admits that he’s down by the docks, right where Dong-Sik is, because he’s trying to find Min-Jung’s birth mother. Apparently she was an associate of Geum-Hwa too, and given she was in the same line of business it gives Jin-Mook a reason for killing.

Dong-Sik and Joo-Won eventually head back to the police station ad ask Jin-Mook about the events from that night. Specifically, they show a paternity test showing that he’s definitely not Min-Jung’s Father. Jin-Mook is shocked, and even more so when he finds out Mye-Hi didn’t actually die that day.

What these two are doing is illegal of course, but it’s also done so to rile up Jin-Mook and make him talk. This seems to do the trick, as Jin-Mook eventually admits that he didn’t kill Yu-Yeon all those years ago, He does, however, know where the victims are buried. He suddenly leans forward and whispers to Dong-Sik, telling him he knows he’s the one who put the fingers out the front of the supermarket.

Despite this chilling statement, Jin-Mook gives up the location – Jae-Yi’s back garden. When police arrive and begin excavating, they find skeletal remains – along with Jae-Yi’s Mother’s hairpin. Although they haven’t done a DNA test, all the skeletal remains point toward the victims being in their 30s and 40s. None of them are Yu-Yeon. Unfortunately, there’s still no closure for Dong-Sik yet.

Even worse, word reaches Dong-Sik and Joo-Won from the prison cell holding Jin-Mook. He’s dead, with blood lining the floor and the walls. Up on the wall however, is a message claiming he didn’t kill Yu-Yeon.

The Episode Review

What a horrific way to die. Instead of outright killing his victims, Jin-Mook buried them alive and let them suffocate to death while stuck in one place. It’s an absolutely horrendous thing to do and knowing Dong-Sik was literally a few steps away from Min-Jung that night is really harrowing.

In fact, Jin-Mook’s entire story and demeanor is incredibly creepy and his motives and short-temper give him a credible and discussing motive for every single crime over the years. However, it seems like he’s pretty adamant he didn’t kill Yu-Yeon so have we got another killer on our hands? Or is he playing mind games?

Speaking of mind games, Dong-Sik knows exactly how to get Jin-Mook to talk and his comment about lowering his finger before he cuts it off is absolutely brilliant – this is easily one of the best moments of the episode.

It seems like Joo-Won and Dong-Sik are finally on the same page and working together now. Their chemistry has been excellent over these episodes and the ending certainly leaves things open for the rest of the season.

The situation with Jin-Mook’s death, the superintendent and the issue with Yu-Yeon all remain completely unresolved but seemingly connected too. Is the superintendent responsible for this? He seemed pretty adamant to have Jin-Mook in his jurisdiction after all…

Someone is playing a very dangerous game here but the full truth still hasn’t been revealed yet. Roll on the next episode!

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