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Episode 7 of Beyond Evil begins three years ago on November 21st 2017. Dong-Sik happens to be on a stake out with Inspector Lee Sang-Yeob. They discuss the various different victims and how one of them happens to be his family member.

Dong-Sik is shocked, believing Sang-Yeob to be a liability as they continue to try and catch a man named Ji-Ho. In fact, Sang-Yeob even suggests they plant evidence. Dong-Sik doesn’t want to hear this and eventually tells him not to make a single move. Only, he absolutely does.

Sang-Yeob leaves and races after Ji-Ho, their suspect, who takes off down the road. Dong-Sik follows in hot pursuit, where he finds bloodied clothes in a flaming bin. He also hears two gunshots too, as Sang-Yeob falls out the building and collapses on the ground. As he bleeds out, Dong-Sik phones an ambulance while his colleague tells him he needs to go after Ji-Ho. And go after him he does.

Dong-Sik is blinded by rage and shoots the man, knocking him out the building an eventually putting handcuffs on him. As he does, Ji-Ho smiles and tells Dong-Sik all of this was self-defence. Dong-Sik grabs the man’s head and slams it repeatedly into the ground, grief-stricken as he looks over his dead colleague’s body.

Now we’re back in the present as we see Dong-Sik outside with Min-Jung’s phone. He was the one to write the text messages to Jin-Mook. Heading back inside, he feigns surprise along with everyone else.

We then cut back yet again to the day of Min-Jung’s disappearance (October 23rd 2020.) Ji-Hun rings Jin-Mook after Min-Jung returns home and tells him that she’s there. When he locks the door, he also puts a padlock on it. Dong-Sik happens to be out walking, talking to Ji-Hwa who wants him to head over and eat.

Ji-Hun arrives at the supermarket where Jin-Mook has Min-Jung tied down, ready to slice her fingers off. Dong-Sik heads over too but no one answers. Given he has Min-Jung’s keys, he sneaks in the back but finds the place empty. In fact, he even finds the key to the padlocked basement on the floor.

Using the key, he heads down and finds the severed fingers all laid out on the side. Min-Jung is gone, while Jin-Mook is very much the culprit here. In fact, Dong-Sik even rings him and asks where Min-Jung is. He tells her she’s sleeping like a dead person. It now seems like we’ve found our killer.

Dong-Sik finds Min-Jung’s cellphone hidden in a Tupperware box deep in the kimchi Jin-Mook has been making outside. This fabricating of evidence – linked to the moments with Sang-Yeob early on – are what drive Dong-Sik to lie and actually find evidence to use against Jin-Mook. He also takes the fingers too, laying them out in front of the supermarket in order to incriminate Jin-Mook.

Back in the present, Dong-Sik and Joo-Won are told that Jin-Mook remembered something from that night. As Dong-Sik shows up, suspicion crosses his face as he looks at this man whom he believes is the killer.

Jin-Mook tells him Jae-Yi doesn’t have an alibi and this brings them back over again. She confirms that she left for an hour on October 23rd but head upstairs to her room in the attic.

Meanwhile, Ji-Hoon is freed thanks to Jung-Je turning himself in. He claims not to be innocent, especially being the last person to see Min-Jung alive. Councilwoman Do is beside herself with rage, telling her son to stop being so stupid. Dong-Sik shows up though and tells Jung-Je he’s definitely not a suspect thanks to the texts he’s been sending.

Just like that, another message comes in from Min-Jung’s phone. Dong-Sik shows up at Jin-Mook’s house and eyes him suspiciously. On his way to head up and check the phone, Jae-Yi happens to arrive first, replacing the phone with a map. Alone at the trial, he speaks to Jae-Yi about Jin-Mook and reveals that he’s the serial murderer.

In the morning, Joo-Won shows up with a warrant for Jae-Yi’s butcher shop. This time she’s not so angry about it, although Joo-Won remains suspicious of her. In private, his investigation with Kwon Hyeok brings up nothing out the ordinary when he runs a background check on her.

What does raise suspicions, however, is Joo-Won searching the CCTV footage from that night, This brings him to a utility pole which just so happens to be overlooking the supermarket from a distance. The footage itself has been completely erased.

Later that night, Jin-Mook heads over to see Jae-Yi at the Butcher’s shop. He fingers one of the knives on the table before eventually walking away. When he does, Jae-Yi scrambles to shut the door. Only, he leaves behind a hairpin he stashed inside some meat. He tells her to follow him down to the reed field in a bid to free her Mother.

Jae-Yi phones Dong-Sik and tells her she’s on her way to find her Mother. As she mentions the reed fields, Jae-Yi finds a gravestone. Meanwhile, Joo-Won heads up to Jin-Mook’s house where he and Dong-Sik catch Jin-Mook checking bags full of different items in the ground. Joo-Won brandishes some handcuffs and tells Jin-Mook his life is completely finished.

The Episode Review

Beyond Evil delivers another deeply satisfying episode, one that catches Jin-Mook in the act and seemingly susses him out at the actual killer. Given we’ve still got a fair amount of episodes to chew through, it can’t be that easy… can it? Then again, the show has done an excellent job with its plotting thus far.

On top of that, Beyond Evil has managed to develop each of its characters in a really compelling way, leaving the door wide open for the rest of the season.

With Dong-Yi and Joo-Won working together to catch Jin-Mook, it now seems like we’re moving on to finding evidence and piecing together what happened 20 years ago to what’s happened now. Jin-Mook is a really sinister character too and seeing him methodically piece everything together shows just how evil he really is. Will he get his comeuppance in the episodes to follow? We shall see…

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  1. The cellphone in the Tupperware box was not Min-Jeung’s. Her phone was on the table inside. The phone in the box belongs to the lady wearing the ring who’s part of the illegal massage parlor.

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