Beyond Evil – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

To Deceive

Episode 6 of Beyond Evil begins with Jin-Mook making food and showing up at the police station while counting. Ji-Hwa shows to greet him though, taking the kimchi from the man while he walks away.

At the substation he does the same thing, droppin off kimchi for them and counting. Ji-Hoon struggles to hold back tears as Jin-Mook leaves. It turns out his counting is actually do with the number of people he’s met – deliberating hinting that he’s trying to give himself an alibi over his actions.

We then cut to October 23rd 2020 – the night Min-Jung went missing. On the way home she was messaging Jung-Je and told him she’s going home. Ji-Hoon apparently had some “business to attend to” after leaving the police station while Dong-Sik decided against finding Min-Jung.

In his pocket however, are Min-Jung’s keys. He pops some pills and rings her, with the girl saved in his phone as “Dong-Sik’s love forever”. He reminds her she left the keys at the substation as she hangs up on him. Jung-Je is there to greet her.

He offers to take Min-Jung home while both Jin-Mook and Ji-Hoon happen to be there. Jin-Mook overhears Min-Jung calling him creepy and claiming he gives her goosebumps. He races off, hiding inside his shop as we cut to various different scenes of him tying Min-Jung down and chopping. Whether this is just a vision or actually true though remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Dong-Sik and Joo-Won reconvene their conversation in the basement. Only, Jin-Mook asks for Joo-Won’s phone number. Instead, Dong-Sik hands the phone over to him. He wants to meet Joo-Won, bringing them both over to his house to find out what’s up.

Jin-Mook wants Joo-Won to investigate the case, especially upon news that he’s a really good detective. Although he agrees to do so, Dong-Sik takes him aside and asks quite what he’s doing.

Dong-Sik doesn’t want him investigating for some reason but Joo-Won instead turns it around, believing that Ji-Hwa may have been the one Dong-Sik is covering for. Furthermore, he also brings up the police station issue, including how the footage was erased during the times he head back in to drop off the files.

Joo-Won does eventually start investigating, taking Jin-Mook’s statement. It all becomes too much for Dong-Sik though, who walks away.

Joo-Won uses this statement and starts to piece together what happened that night. It turns out Min-Jung made it back home but Ji-Hoon arrived and knocked on the door, asking for her to show. Chief Nam too was lurking about while Dong-Sik seems to have intentionally missed off heading back to the store with Jin-Mook. But why?

Well, it seems like all of Min-Jung’s possessions are still in order save for a few seemingly unconnected items. A washcloth, towel and her cellphone are all missing.

The investigation continues and Joo-Won arrives to see Jae-Yi, who also confirms these items were missing given she usually tied the towel in a bow in the bathroom. After thanking her for help, Joo-Won deliberates over key moments in this audio transcript, including Dong-Sik asking about the missing items.

Jung-Je continues to crack, hearing voices and wondering what may be up with him. He remains convinced that Dong-Sik isn’t a culprit but his Mother cuts him off before he can tell her why. When Jung-Je leaves, having been approved a period of absence by her, Chang-Jin arrives out the shadows and asks that very same question, asking what he knows.

However, Do demands he hand over the dashcam footage, hinting that he too is aware of what’s happening here. There are secrets everywhere it seems!

Joo-Won continues to investigate, which leads him to Chief Nam yet again. The times he entered the security room seem to correlate with him deleting the footage from the computers. After making sure Joo-Won’s phone isn’t recording, he admits the truth.

Dong-Sik stole case documents from the record room that were over 20 years old relating to his sister’s disappearance. Nam told him to replace them and then deleted the footage. He apparently did so to protect his junior officers. Joo-Won though is not convinced this is the true version of events.

It seems Nam is hiding something big, especially when Dong-Sik too questions him in private and tells the Chief he never asked the man to delete the footage from the hallway and records room.

At the police station, Ji-Hwa receives dashcam footage which is also leaked online too, incriminating Ji-Hoon. Unfortunately this immediately sees the Violent Crimes division arrive to arrest him. While he’s taken away. Dong-Sik shows and tells Ji-Hoon he should come clean and reveal everything that’s happened. Dong-Sik then rushes straight to the archives room, trying in vain to contact Jung-Je.

A very nervous Ji-Hoon is interviewed and he admits that Jung-Je was the person who took Min-Jung home that night. As everything starts to come unraveled, Chief Nam tells Ji-Hwa to take Dong-Sik away.

While they’re sat eating dinner together with Jae-Yi, Jin-Mook shows up looking pretty suspicious. Dong-Sik immediately heads outside, walking away from the Butcher’s shop. When he does, he looks down at something inside a chest of drawers during a point of view shot.

Just like that, there’s a ping on the phone. We then cut to Joo-Won who suddenly receives that same update from Min-Jung’s phone. Joo-Won charges up to the butcher’s where Jin-Mook happens to have received a message on his phone reading “Dad…please let me out.” This message was sent today, at 10.22pm.

The Episode Review

Oof, what a big plot reveal! So not only is Jin-Mook potentially the killer, he also seems to be holding Min-Jung captive somewhere. Only, something doesn’t add up here and I’m sure we’ll find out in the coming episodes.

Jin-Mook has seemingly been faking his disability all this time and the way he chillingly counted all those officers, as a way of giving himself an alibi, only rings serious alarm bells with him. Dong-Sik has been suspicious of him for a while now it seems, hence the constant bouts of disgust and heading outside.

The final time though, leaving the shop to check the drawers, could well be Dong-Sik with Min-Jung’s phone and texting Jin-Mook to incriminate him. Jin-Mook could still be guilty but perhaps for an entirely different reason. We shall see.

However, there are a lot of suspicious characters in this drama and it’s not helped by the unreliable narration of Joon-Woo. We’ve seen a lot of random flashy images and scenes changing before our eyes which seems to hint toward his own mental health issues, making him an unreliable narrator.

It’s such an absolutely fascinating way to depict this show and the episodes are just getting better and better over time.

This is easily one of the best crime thrillers this year and each episode lends itself beautifully to the next, setting up an absolutely fascinating series of episodes to come.

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